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#3381509 Starting Accutane 14-Year-Old Boy

Posted by determinedtowin on 09 September 2013 - 06:24 AM

You did the right thing. I wish someone had started me on Accutance at 14 and I wouldn't be left with the scars I have now! Dry lips was the only bad thing I had so make sure he has plenty of lip balm at the ready. Good luck 

#3376753 My Accutane Journey (Female, 20)

Posted by determinedtowin on 21 August 2013 - 03:57 AM

Thank you @moonlitriver. Its went better than i expected to be honest looking forward to getting my dose increased though so i can start seeing more improvements. Hope your acne has settled down a little. Hows your medication regime coming on? 



07/08/2013-  Thought i would give a quick update of my progress so far. As of this saturday i have officaly been on roaccutane for a month and it has flown in thankfully! I am still on the 20mg but that will be getting bumped back up to 40mg on the 16th of this month. I am still on steroids which really helped my horrific breakout, still have another 3 weeks of them so they used calm down any inflammation caused by going up to the 40 mg. Side effects so far have not been bad at all, the worst part has been the dry lips which im sure everyone on roaccutane can relate to ahaha. The dry skin has not been too bad though i am used to mosturising reguraly anyways so i haven't really changed my skincare routine too much. I would really recommend the Aveeno mosturisers they feel like silk on your skin when you put them on, very soothing for inflammed and irritated skin as well! Other than that maybe a little bit more achey after long walks and busy days but nothing terrible. I havent broke out in about a week now but this could be because of the steroids. My skin does feel a lot less oily and im going to have a new foundation as the one im using is far too drying on my skin. My hair is also a lot dryer so trying not to wash it as often. I am going to start a photo blog on this as wells so will link onto this to show my photographic progress. It also helps me to judge how well it is working.


Hope anyone else on roaccutane/ accutane journey is going well too. smile.png

I'm going to try Aveeno. I'm not on Roaccutane anymore but still get VERY dry skin because of it


As for dry lips... I know you'll use Vaseline anyway but I used to absolutely pile it on before bed and I meant pile it on and it helps massively 

#3366765 Advice On Scars (Pics Included)

Posted by determinedtowin on 16 July 2013 - 02:50 AM

I too have redness from major BP damage...but it's slowly going down with beta glucan liquid & my supergreen powder (chlorella/ spirulina/ barley grass/ wheat grass) face mask with fresh lemon juice + manuka honey....the redness shows your skin is injured & it's trying to heal itself...that will go away when your skin totally heals itself...you also need to reestablish the skin's natural lipid barrier...a poster called Alternavista noted the importance of linoleic acid (found in grapeseed/ primrose oil etc) for topical use to help heal the skin. You could also try the 302 line recommended by Panos which has avogen. Otherwise, try a weekly avocado facemask with a teaspoon of safflower oil (this is high in linoleic oil).

There's also lots of professional skin/ scar treatment serums that you could experiment using with the short roller such as Dermefface Fx7 http://www.dermeffacefx7.com/; DNA Scar Therapy http://www.dnaegfren...ar-therapy.html etc .I have not tried them but they look okay...

Also, retinaldehyde is another form of retin a that is specifically helpful for healing red skin. I know this is found in the Pure Skin Junkie range as well as BION Research and Osmosis. Otherwise, you could ask your derm if they could recommend a skincare brand/ oinment with retinaldehyde for you.

As for fillers, whatever, you do don't get permanent ones or you might end up with worse looking skin... look for natural fillers only i.e. ones that last about 6 months that use either hyaluronic acid or your own body fat. However, this is a temporary fix and your problems will keep propping up. Honestly, the best advice I can give you or anyone with scarring is to face your skin issues fully & proactively now so you don't deal with them for another 10 + years! For example, in my own case, I was in MAJOR denial about the severity of skin issues for a very long time because I thought they would resolve naturally on their own in time. Thus, I would only look into mirrors that showed my skin in the most flattering light & avoid other mirrors like the plague... I also sought areas to socialise/ sit/ stand/ walk etc where the light would not capture my faults so harshly. Needless to say, this was all very draining emotionally & psychologically. And I did this "searching for better lighting dance" for many years...

It was only when I finally gathered the inner courage & strength to look at my skin very closely with a handheld mirror in the most unflattering daylight & other harsh lighting that I could finally assess the real extent of my skin damage. This was so incredibly painful to do. I was astounded & demoralized at just how severe my skin problems were.

After wallowing in abject sorrow & self pity for a good week, I finally decided to take positive action & rectify my skin problems once & for all. And I have, well, just about.....of course, it wasn't smooth sailing & it did take a few years, but my skin is transforming everyday & I now KNOW scars can TOTALLY heal & skin can totally return back to normal/ health. (NB In the early stages of healing your skin, I recommend only looking at your skin close-up in harsh lighting once a month -that is, if you are committed to healing your skin - otherwise, you could just make yourself more miserable....but after 6-12 months, as you start to see definite signs of healing, you'll actually look forward to assessing your skin close-up in harsh lighting because you'll be amazed just how far your skin has healed and how great it can look! smile.png )

Btw, it will take between 6-12 months to heal scars, sometimes even 1-2 years plus. But it's better to start earlier rather than latter (as I did). Your future self will thank you greatly if you take consistent action now....

Just remember, scars & skin WILL heal 100%, but you must use good mesotherapy/ key topicals/ eat very healthy/ drink healthy/ exercise gently regularly and give yourself ample time to heal itself....

All the best!

PS Stay away from harsh chemical/ acne washes/ soaps & tap water (these can strip your skin of its natural sebum protection & make it red)....instead try not washing your skin everyday & use a face spray like Evian water facial mist ..you can then gently wipe your skin with a tissue or a 100% natural facial wipe like "Pink Wipes".

I've certainly been there with mirrors and lighting. It doesn't help when people who can physically see your skin say "oh it looks fine" because they don't want to hurt you. Then something will happen like a letter from my GP to my derm saying, upon examination, I have a lot of pitted scarring! The same derm also claimed in the letter that he'd said my pits might flatten out which is a lie as he didn't say anything like that.


The redness is actually a lot better than it used to be but its the pits that bother me

#3365786 Advice On Scars (Pics Included)

Posted by determinedtowin on 12 July 2013 - 01:31 AM

Thanks for the reply... Needling is definitely something I'm going to look at

I also think it'll help my right cheek as that is quite pitty. The only problem I have is I still have red patches that feel different to the rest of the skin and no one can work out what they are even a derm!

#3358039 Smooth Red Skin

Posted by determinedtowin on 14 June 2013 - 05:59 PM

No that was for my acne originally which was ridiculous because it was so severe at the time. Oh to have normal skin! Mine definitely seems to be getting worse texture and scar wise (white smooth marks appearing)

Fingers crossed some solution is on th horizon :)

By the way... It's nice for someone to actually reply in here :)