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In Topic: First Time Roaccutane User Support Needed!

Today, 01:24 AM

Hey guys so.. My wish came true lol I got the IB and I am bloody regretting it now haha, needless to say I actually look like a pizza (sorry in advance if your offended that I'm saying that) I just like to make a laugh about it because for a long time I struggled with it. my dermo was well happy when he saw my face! Went in and he said right it's been about a month and you look great! ( your going to see some photos of what his "great" looks like ) said he thinks this is the IB, but who knows. Many more side effects? Not really lol. Just a whole load of itching.. It's bloody ridiculous invested in a 1 pound back scratcher. HA BEST THING EVER! And looking rather attractive with Vaseline up my nose because it's that dry.. Have my mum reaching to blow my nose for me because she thinks it's boogies. I don't think I've ever felt so frigging hot in my life. Was a bit gutted it was my 21st this weekend and I had to Have a mellow one due to not being able to drink and I just find it so frigging hard and time consuming to make myself look pretty (hard to believe but I can actually look not bad) I realised the other day just how dry I am... E45 just won't cut it!
Anyways I just wanted to share my first month with you guys! Trying to be as light hearted and whity as possible because it's not the end of the world. But I know it's a big deal guys trust me I know. ANYWAYS.. (Once again) if you guys could just maybe suggest a thick moisturiser for my body or something that will stop itching I would appreciate it. And also is the IB meant to happen this early on? I just don't know!! Haa right here's some lovely photos of my extremely cute sexy face. Enjoy guys
Rachael! Xxattachicon.gifimage.jpgattachicon.gifimage.jpgattachicon.gifimage.jpgattachicon.gifimage.jpgattachicon.gifimage.jpg

Have you tried E45 lotion on your body? The cream only worked for my face but the lotion worked for my body although it is very greasy.

I wouldn't worry about your face as much as you obviously do because you're ridiculously nice looking :) good luck with it all. Roaccutane will clear you up x

In Topic: Acne Scars - Post Roaccutane & Mild Depression

07 September 2014 - 08:14 AM

Believe me I've been there. I can't say I really ever thought suicide was an option but around 18 to 20 years old I was certainly at that obsessive point where I was constantly looking at mirrors and feeling horrible about myself. Laying in bed at night with that wretched feeling. It was really bad at times.
I first came here over a decade ago and you can probably look back through my posts and see a 22 year old kid who was on this site everyday, researching, trying many different scar revision techniques. Driving over 900 miles to have needling done,flying out to San Diego for Exoderm, enduring smoothbeam as it stung my face to hell, mederma, silicone microdroplet(my favorite). Saving money. Getting procedures done. etc etc.
I don't know what happened but gradually along the way I just really stopped caring and obsessing about it. In the past 10 years I've went out on dates and had relationships with incredible women. Met awesome friends and have just really enjoyed life WITH a few acne scars here and there.
Was there times when I got turned down because my skin was not 100% perfect. Maybe. But so what, at the end of the day most people really don't even care. We are 100X our worst critics when compared to other people.
I write that to you and alot of the younger people on here to say that as bad as it seems now for many of you a few years from now it will be a fraction of an issue.
Keep your head up Sneakers, you still have alot of good moments in life to live.

Great post

In Topic: Is Running A Low Dose Of Accutane To Prevent Acne Harmful?

03 September 2014 - 07:20 AM

I take 20mg every Monday and it really prevents breakouts. I still get dry skin etc. but it definitely helps. I had my bloods done a while back for something else and they were all normal.

In Topic: Acne Scars - Post Roaccutane & Mild Depression

03 September 2014 - 06:55 AM

This might not be much at all, but I know exactly what you're going through. The low self-esteem, the depression, feeling like harming yourself...
I've been going through the same type of thing for the last two years. I'm finally going to see my GP on Friday though, and I'm hoping they can help.


The NHS won't give you much of a plan of action as most treatments are only available through private care, but do what I'm going to do: Tell them how this is affecting your mental health and your ability to live your life. Make it clear to them how you feel suicidal. You may have to go to multiple different Doctors before you're heard, but don't take no for an answer! Get yourself to doctors, and by taking action PARTICIPATE IN YOUR OWN RESCUE!

You're right about having to go to multiple doctors but the NHS DO offer scar treatment. I was offered laser treatment but had to really push for it. In the end I didn't think it was worth the risk for my scarring 

In Topic: Man With Deep Scars Gets Very Attractive Women

02 September 2014 - 04:18 PM

I see a girl everyday when I'm on my dinner who has quite severe acne scars and I fancy her like mad smile.png

hey pix mayb?
I've never even spoke to the girl and I think it would be a bit weird to ask for a picture :)