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In Topic: Has Anyone Ever Heard This Before? - Laser Resurfacing In The Uk

Today, 08:46 AM

Are you getting the laser for free? I don't understand why your derm suggested it if it won't mKe a difference.

Have you thought about dermarolling? That's prob your best bet if you only have mild scarring. What type of scarring do you have?

I'm not far from Salford (Wigan) I have ice pick scarring and orange peel texture and my dr won't even refer me to a derm :/

Tbh I wouldn't touch lasers with a bargepole, seen a lot of bad reviews and you may even end up with worse skin. Not worth it IMO for mild scarring

Yes, they offered it for free but I am deciding against it to be honest.


I have looked at derma rolling and it is definitely an option. I have a mixture of all types of scars to be honest and they don't seem 'mild' to me!


It seems some doctors will refer you to a derm with no problems and others are just plain awkward (I have experienced the latter on a  few occasions before finally getting somewhere!!!!)


C02 doesn't shave the area around the scar. C02 and other lasers all stimulate collagen, which makes your skin tighter, hence why it's primarily used for anti aging/wrinkles. The tightening effects makes your scars wider but shallower, if you stretch out your scars a little that's likely what your skin will look like after several resurfacing sessions. A lot of doctors don't explain how these collagen induction treatments work to their patients and that's why I think people come out disappointed. Many people think they literally plump up your scars but that is not the case. It tightens the skin, making scars less noticeable.. The scars don't fill up.

This is what I thought! It seems the derm is not exactly brilliantly clued up on lasers sad.png He said Fraxel stimulates collagen (which they don't offer) and CO2 'shaves' the skin. It's poor of the NHS to be telling people the wrong info!!

In Topic: Scarring The Day After Alcohol

26 November 2014 - 04:57 AM

yeah dont drink alcohol .. ?



I am the opposite - alcohol always puffs me up so my scars actually look better. My skin tone looks worse though but then I just drink water all day and it looks normal again the next day.

I always look normal the day after too but the actual day after is a nightmare. 'Not drinking alcohol' another helpful poster isn't an option sometimes and why should I let my scars stop me doing things?!


It's not great when you've got something on the next day though and you look terrible!

Use manuka honey to prevent acne build up. You can apply manuka honey cream or eat pure manuka honey everyday to get a healthy and clearer skin. Alcohol can reduce the functionality of the liver that can result to a bad skin.  Alcohol is one of the known cause of liver damage. The liver is an important organ in the body that is also responsible in maintaining a healthy skin. 

I've not got acne anymore. I meant scarring x

In Topic: Pitted Scarring

25 November 2014 - 06:25 AM

You look like you just have enlarged pores to be honest

In Topic: How ya feelin' about your acne today?

20 November 2014 - 01:51 PM

My face hasn't had acne apart from the odd spot for ages but my right cheek is a mess at the moment :(

I'm not sure if it's something in the air as a few people in work seem to have broken out that never have acne!

In Topic: First Time Roaccutane User Support Needed!

05 November 2014 - 03:04 PM

Hi emma, thanks for the reply. 
wish you all the best on your journey, for me i am not sure if it was worth it tbh, there are just too many what if's in my case that i am not comfortable with. 
I may try aloe vera, just i want my body to repair itself with no intervention. I think thats the key message I have learnt (for me) is that my body is darn good at repairing itself, and i feel naive to have been on medication that compromises that.  But at the same time, when you reach breaking point and nothing seems to work... 
I learnt that for me, it wasn't just about the spots, it was about how and what i think of them and they way they affect my mood. I have learned that having them is *ok* and normal.. there are worse things in life. truly. 
now, if Accutane had been all roses for me, no doubt i'd be singing its praises. Don't get me wrong it cleared my back up, my back feels baby butt smooth. my clogs under the eyes around the nose disappeared within a matter of weeks. the only gripe i have is some scarring, and the delay healing time. So hoping these clear up asap. 
Even now it would be hard for me to advise someone in a similar position as me not to try accutane for the very reason that it could help tremendously as it does in many many many people.. 
if i was advising someone with more severe acne, i'd say do it 100% and get on a high dose proportionate to your body weight per kg.  I dont think accutane is something you want to drag out longer than need be because the skin wont heal as well whilst on it. hit it hard and fast, if your body can tollerate it and get off it and allow the body to repair itself, even though i have stopped for 2 days (today being day 2) i have had 2 spots come up, one of which has lingered on my face for 6 months at least, so at least now it can come to a head and be gone.  I really think 369 help a lot at changing ones sebum viscosity 
Hi, thanks for sharing.  I know that feeling of being fed up.  Seems like your pal had great results! how is she doing now in terms of health? joints ok? has the oil returned? (btw people oil is not the enemy, oil is good its your bodies own way of protecting itself.. what is the problem however is how the body excretes this and how the skin talks to the oil glands and skin shedding keratinisation process at a base level). 
It sounds to me like these bumps are appearing from the rough drying affects accutane has on the skin, sort of like KP. Are these bumps filled with pus or just bumps? I don't think you started getting bumps because you missed some doses.  Its just the effect it can have on some people.. but yes the accumulative amount is important with this drug. 
Not sure if you are from the UK but get hold of Blistex Intensive moisturiser. that was the only thing that healed my cracked lips. The healing time isnt odd, its what the medication does, it slows the healing rate down, so your friend was a match made in heaven if thats the results she got! 
the scarring, do you mean red marks or do you mean indentations and atrophic scars? the skin overall should actually get better once off the accutane because the bodies natural healing process comes back into full swing. 
I agree with your final paragraph. 
good luck! 
either way everyone has come to this decision for a personal reason and as long as you stand by that personal reason and truly feel this is the only option then thats great, no regrets. 

Fabulous advice!!
I'm having it easy really, which just goes to show we do not all respond the same.
Do try the aloe vera, it is natural and if you go to a big tesco you can get in there for less than amazon http://www.tesco.com...el/671-1929.prd.
Good luck smile.png
Does this moisturise as well or is it just for red marks really?

It moisturises but i would put light moisturiser on once the aloe vera drys.
Don't get the aloe vera near eyes as it can sting.

I have a question for those who are on Accutane or who have been on accutane...before I began Accutane I decided to be abstinent, I'm not sexually active right now or won't be anytime soon so I decided there's no point in me taking Birthcontrol...anyways my period has been super irregular it's been over a month already on accutane and I want to take Birthcontrol so bad, will this cause a delay on accutane? Will I have to stop taking it the first month I'm on the pill? I don't think it matters when I begin the pill because it's just for my period. Also would I need to tell my derm? And in the bloodwork will they know I'm on Birthcontrol? Please help thanks

How long have you been off the pill? It takes time for periods to return to normal.
I would keep off the pill
And use a period tracker app to track your periods for a few month. A 22-30 day cycle is normal.
Mine ranges from 22 26 24 to 30 and I've been of the pill for six years.
Failing that speak to your Gp. Hope this helps

You weren't wrong about the aloe Vera stinging your eyes!!! I tried this for the first time yesterday and even a little bit was painful!!