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In Topic: Has Anyone Ever Heard This Before? - Laser Resurfacing In The Uk

05 December 2014 - 09:28 AM

Im going to finally see a derm too on new years eve. My acne is under control but im not sure they can help with whats left. Did you have to beg them for lazer? I dont have pitted scars more slightly raised and uneven texture just on my chin! Do you think theyll be able to help? I live in newcastle. I went to the Harley Group and she said there was nothing they could help with.

No. It was pretty easy to get through Salford but I've had murders with other hospitals! Strange that Harley Street wouldn't do anything as it's how they make their money. Did they say why? They suggested derma roller to me

In Topic: Pretty Sure Shaving Is The Cause Of Most Of My "acne"

03 December 2014 - 08:38 AM

I can't win with shaving. The day after, my skin looks AWFUL... 3 or 4 days later it looks fine but if I try to grow a beard it also makes me breakout! I wish I could just keep it at day 3 and 4s growth forever :(

In Topic: How ya feelin' about your acne today?

03 December 2014 - 03:43 AM

I don't usually get acne anymore but over the last month or so it has been really bad. Why can't we just have normal skin :(

In Topic: Has Anyone Ever Heard This Before? - Laser Resurfacing In The Uk

01 December 2014 - 07:43 AM

I also went to 3 clinics who all said there's nothing wrong with my skin :/

Harley street said obagi was an option, it won't do much for scars but more for texture which makes your skin looks a whole lot better but I'm just wary of making my skin worse.

Have you heard of recell? That's something I'm looking into but I can't find a whole lot of info on it and the nearest clinic seems to be in Nottingham!

I have heard of it but from what I've read it hasn't done that much for people and is expensive. I can't comment too much though as I really have no idea the full details of it.

In Topic: Has Anyone Ever Heard This Before? - Laser Resurfacing In The Uk

28 November 2014 - 08:46 AM

Are you getting the laser for free? I don't understand why your derm suggested it if it won't mKe a difference.

Have you thought about dermarolling? That's prob your best bet if you only have mild scarring. What type of scarring do you have?

I'm not far from Salford (Wigan) I have ice pick scarring and orange peel texture and my dr won't even refer me to a derm :/

Tbh I wouldn't touch lasers with a bargepole, seen a lot of bad reviews and you may even end up with worse skin. Not worth it IMO for mild scarring

Yes, they offered it for free but I am deciding against it to be honest.


I have looked at derma rolling and it is definitely an option. I have a mixture of all types of scars to be honest and they don't seem 'mild' to me!


It seems some doctors will refer you to a derm with no problems and others are just plain awkward (I have experienced the latter on a  few occasions before finally getting somewhere!!!!)


C02 doesn't shave the area around the scar. C02 and other lasers all stimulate collagen, which makes your skin tighter, hence why it's primarily used for anti aging/wrinkles. The tightening effects makes your scars wider but shallower, if you stretch out your scars a little that's likely what your skin will look like after several resurfacing sessions. A lot of doctors don't explain how these collagen induction treatments work to their patients and that's why I think people come out disappointed. Many people think they literally plump up your scars but that is not the case. It tightens the skin, making scars less noticeable.. The scars don't fill up.

This is what I thought! It seems the derm is not exactly brilliantly clued up on lasers sad.png He said Fraxel stimulates collagen (which they don't offer) and CO2 'shaves' the skin. It's poor of the NHS to be telling people the wrong info!!