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In Topic: The Nhs & Scar Treatment... Don't Take No For An Answer

25 August 2014 - 01:35 PM

It's CO2... I think I'll get the test patch done and go from there. Will keep you update :)

In Topic: The Nhs & Scar Treatment... Don't Take No For An Answer

20 August 2014 - 03:29 AM

Haha no problem. It's my fault I've waited that long as I've had stuff on to be honest. I'm 50/50 if you get it done because of the risks etc to be honest 

In Topic: Roaccutane Advice Needed Please

14 August 2014 - 02:25 AM

I say go for the patch test and take it from there.
Like you say, you might not get this oppurtunity again.
Everything we use or do regarding our skin is a risk and a concern. I had the oppurtunity to take roaccutane back in 2009. I chickened out and regret that as I sit here now with a full on outbreak with more scarring on the horizon!
Don't regret not doing it and deal with with what may happen if and when is does happen.



When I first went on Roaccutane I was only 21 but at 17 my parents wanted to try everything because of the horror stories so I skipped it at that time for them really (silly I know) but to be fair it was a lot hard to get 10 years ago IMO so it didn't make much difference. I just wish I could have prevented the scarring 


I'm so glad I did it though but I still have problem skin i.e. redness etc

In Topic: Roaccutane Advice Needed Please

13 August 2014 - 11:56 AM

Lots of scarring, old and new. It's not as
Concerning as my active acne though. Luckily, I can use a good foundation to cover the marks but obviously there is no disguising pustules!!!
I am worrying about what to use skin care wise when on treatment. If I used e45 now my skin would errupt into a million pustules. I'm using organic aloe Vera gel to moisturise at the moment and the dregs of quinoderm face wash which has been discontinued I believe, boo! What are your concerns regarding the laser treatment? Have you ever tried microdermabrasion? I tried this for four month and had amazingly clear skin. It was to expensive to continue with at £85 a session. I went to Diane Nivern in prestwich, she is amazing. Also had a peel done there a few times when my acne was severe and results were amazing. Again, costly!

I was gonna say minocycline as I did a few months on it along with dans regime before starting and it really helped!
Did it not work at all for you?

I was on it for six month and had a bad breakouts all the time so I figured taking antibiotics that weren't working was a no brainer and came off them
In January. Just seems this last few month my skin has worsened. No rhyme or reason! At 36 enough is enough. What I skipped in none acne teenage years I have more than made up for in adult hood. 14 years of on and off mild to moderate acne!
I also had eurythromycin in my 20's which was a fail. Then zinert applied topically, panoxyl, quinoderm to name a few. I'm in the roaccutane last chance saloon in September. If that does not work ill
Be on the road to nowhere!

My scarring is pitted so a microdermabrasion wouldn't do me much good to be honest.

My concerns are that a lot of people, including the derm said my scarring is mild.

There are risks involved including further scarring and hyper pigmentation and I am further at risk of this because of Roaccutane. It's a tough one because I've gone through a lot of ballache to get to this stage!

I need to make a decision in the next couple of weeks though and I don't think I'd get this opportunity on the NHS again

In Topic: Roaccutane Advice Needed Please

13 August 2014 - 07:54 AM

I was super excited and just anxious to get things going before I started.. I looked on here at some blogs while waiting to start, but I never really paid attention or knew of the possibility of serious severe side effects so I didn't freak out about those until after I had already started haha.


I've never thought to use aloe vera with tea tree oil, I would've been afraid it would cause breakouts. I might have to look into that.


CeraVe is a really good skin care product, they have moisturizers and what not too. Most dermatologists recommend CeraVe or Cetaphil because they are very mild and sensitive. They've got other ingredients in them, I don't think they have Salicylic Acid and what not.



I have used aloe vera for a while and it is good for calming the skin and reducing inflamation. It is also moisturising. Give it a try!


I will get some cetaphil as I have read on a few posts that this is good.



Hi I am scheduled to start treaprednisolonement on the 20th of september. I have been prescribed 20mg (30tablets) and advised to take one every other day.

I am a 36yo female.

I use lush fresh farmacy to wash, dermalogica active moist for moisturiser and aloe vera gel on top of moisturiser, I use tea tree oil on acne outbreaks as needed.

any advice would be appreciated on skincare whilst on roaccutane. How can I treat outbreaks.
My skin is very oily, I get hormonal acne which is moderate and takes months to clear. I have cysts, pustules, white heads and black heads and tiny spots the size
of pins in clusters.

My dermatologist has prescribed prednisolone as a precaution to hrlp with painful cysts but the side affects sound quite scary!

I would value any advice given as I am quite worried about the side affects of roaccutane. Mental health exists within my family, although I have no problems I am worried.


Firstly, it will be the best decision you have ever made! 


Try not to use any products apart from moisturiser when on Roaccutane as your skin will be chronically dry. Vaseline is a must for your lips and I used to pile it on before I went to bed as my lips became extremely dry!


I know it's easier said then done but try not to think about the side effects or you'll think every little thing is down to taking Roaccutane! I had no side effects apart from the dryness and I know 2 other people who had the same side effects.


Good luck with it! I am currently waiting for my appointment in Manchester for my scarring! x

Thanks for the advice. I supopse we tend to read more on the negatives rather than focus on the positives! I would be intrested to know how you get on with the scarring, good luck.

Can you reccomend a decent mosituriser that won't block pores??

Good luck!

Just a simple face wash and moisturiser are all you need. Are you in the UK? The simple hydrating face wash is what i used for my course along with cetaphil cleanser to remove make up. Both are very gentle. Simple hydrating moisturiser and cetaphil lotion are both good moisturisers. Get a good body moisturiser too and stock up on lip balms. You may need something heavy duty for your Lips.....I ordered some aquaphor and used it at night. Brilliant stuff!

Don't pop or pick and look after yourself. You will have clear skin before you know it!

Also.. I had bad dandruff too.....just in case you want to get some shampoo ready!!



Yes I am in the uk. I actually tried the simple wash as an experiment before I start my treatment in Septemebr and have broke out whistling.gif(


I'm compiling a list and stocking up on things before I start it, have to be prepared!


Hard not to pop them as I have some rather huge pustules that I know if i pop them will relive the pain. My skin scars easily so Im actually resisting the urge to pop them in preperation for September!


It is awful looking in the mirrow and seeing a huge yellow spot the size of a pea under my eyebrow but i guess i'm going to have to get use to this.


I used E45 cream and put thick layers on (I still do sometimes as my skin is still dry)


I have an appointment at Salford Royal on the 2nd September for a patch test of laser but I'm not sure if to go ahead to be honest. Have you got scarring? x