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In Topic: Estrogen Or Progesterone Causing Oily Skin/clogged Pores?!

28 September 2014 - 09:16 AM

Acne is primarily causd by elevated free testosterone and secondarily by insulin.

It is NOT caused by elevated estradiol.

Progesterone both compliments and antagonizes (neutralizes) the feminine effects of estradiol.   If you have chronic progesterone deficiency, then estrogen will be unopposed for long periods of time resulting in a magnification of fhe female attributes.  Exaggerated hour glass shape with larger hips and breasts.  

If you have thin hips and small breasts you do NOT have estrogen dominance.

Estrogen also stimulates the sympathetic nervous system increasing alertness. If estrogen is too high you will feel anxious.

Estrogen also increases the number of aldosterone receptors.  This results in an increase in fluid retention and bloating.

Estrogen also neutralizes the effects of androgens like testosterone, dhea, dht etc.

Progesterone stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (calming effect), decreaes/blocks aldosterone receptors (diuretic effect)  and neutralizes the effects femine effects of the estrogens.

Progesterone neutralizes estradiol and estradiol neutralizes testosterone. If progesterone is elevated or estradiol is deficient, then it has the same effect as increasing testosterone (the primary cause of acne).

As a side note, the charactwristics of progesterone above are only related to bio-identical progesterone. Synthetic progesterone is derived from androgens and has a different side effect profile.

Hopefully you are seeing that it's balance that is critical. An imbalance of one hormone can result in a cascade of effects that throws everything else off and misleads the evaluator if a comprehensive exam is not completed.  This is why crashoran believes that free testosterone does not cause acne.

You always test female hormones during the midpoint of the luteal phase (day 21) because this is when progesterone peaks. The diagnostic criteria is optimized for this sampling day.

My experience is that most women with acne have elevated DHEA sulfate that converts to testosterone. DHEA is primarily secreted by the adrenal system, not the ovaries.

Do you have a full hormone panel collected on day 21?  

In Topic: Why Am I So Prone To Red Marks?

28 January 2014 - 10:54 AM

I take really good care of my skin (sunscreen, facial masks, moisturizer, products targeted specifically to fade red marks, etc.) and I don't have an acne problem but every. single. time. I get a zit it results in a flat red post-acne mark that takes ages to fade. This problem didn't start until last year and some of those first red marks I ever got still haven't faded completely, and it's been a year. It's really frustrating. Why did my skin become this way all of a sudden? Why am I so prone to this red spots? What can I do about it?

It could be a cortisol deficiency. How old are you?

In Topic: Prolactin And Acne

26 January 2014 - 06:49 AM

Prolactin/SHBG tests are fairly cheap to get done ($30-50 each)
I tried P-5-P, tyrosine, dong quai, and vitex, which all are touted to lower prolactin. They didn't seem to work for me and in the end my acne was due to DHT.
You might look into the prolactin/DHT link. Prolactin may have an indirect effect on acne if it raises DHT @ the same time, which may be the end result of your acne.
DHT tests on the other hand are not that cheap ($70-100).

DHT doesn't cause acne, elevated testosterone and secondarily insulin do.

In Topic: Anemia And High Progesterone

24 January 2014 - 01:26 AM

Can anyone provide some insight into how or why anemia could cause acne? Also, how high progesterone could cause acne?

Anemia doesn't cause acne.  It could, however be an indication that you are not getting enough iron.  One way this can happen is with insufficient animal protein.  A lack of animal protein and the associated saturated fat will suppress your optimal hormone levels by starving you of the building blocks you need to manufacture the various hormones.  This in turn can cause hormonal deficiencies and acne.


Progesterone opposes estradiol.

Estradiol opposes testosterone

Testosterone causes acne.


So, overly elevated progesterone can stimulate acne indirectly.  

In Topic: Prolactin And Acne

24 January 2014 - 12:55 AM

It's unusual for prolactin to be elevated if you are not producing milk or taking medicatiin. If not there could be some else going on.  This should be looked at soon by a competent MD.

If they can't find any evidance of pathology and levels elevated, then the dopamine agonist class of drugs is used.  Some of these can have very serious side effects.

In another thread, there was talk about prolactin levels and acne. I didn't want to hijack that thread, but I am interested in whether anyone who has done hormonal testing had high prolactin levels?  If so, what if anything was suggested to reduce these levels?