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In Topic: Estrogen Or Progesterone Causing Oily Skin/clogged Pores?!

28 September 2014 - 09:16 AM

Acne is primarily causd by elevated free testosterone and secondarily by insulin.

It is NOT caused by elevated estradiol.

Progesterone both compliments and antagonizes (neutralizes) the feminine effects of estradiol.   If you have chronic progesterone deficiency, then estrogen will be unopposed for long periods of time resulting in a magnification of fhe female attributes.  Exaggerated hour glass shape with larger hips and breasts.  

If you have thin hips and small breasts you do NOT have estrogen dominance.

Estrogen also stimulates the sympathetic nervous system increasing alertness. If estrogen is too high you will feel anxious.

Estrogen also increases the number of aldosterone receptors.  This results in an increase in fluid retention and bloating.

Estrogen also neutralizes the effects of androgens like testosterone, dhea, dht etc.

Progesterone stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (calming effect), decreaes/blocks aldosterone receptors (diuretic effect)  and neutralizes the effects femine effects of the estrogens.

Progesterone neutralizes estradiol and estradiol neutralizes testosterone. If progesterone is elevated or estradiol is deficient, then it has the same effect as increasing testosterone (the primary cause of acne).

As a side note, the charactwristics of progesterone above are only related to bio-identical progesterone. Synthetic progesterone is derived from androgens and has a different side effect profile.

Hopefully you are seeing that it's balance that is critical. An imbalance of one hormone can result in a cascade of effects that throws everything else off and misleads the evaluator if a comprehensive exam is not completed.  This is why crashoran believes that free testosterone does not cause acne.

You always test female hormones during the midpoint of the luteal phase (day 21) because this is when progesterone peaks. The diagnostic criteria is optimized for this sampling day.

My experience is that most women with acne have elevated DHEA sulfate that converts to testosterone. DHEA is primarily secreted by the adrenal system, not the ovaries.

Do you have a full hormone panel collected on day 21?  

In Topic: Stumped With My Hormonal Acne

09 February 2014 - 02:27 AM


Cortisol is responsible for maintaining:
1.  Glucose levels
2. Blood pressure
3. Immune system.

It also helps you to handle stressful situations. If you have a cortisol deficiency, you are more likely to feel incapable of handling normal daily stress. You will be more likely to see yourself as a victim. When you are exposed to high levels of stress, you may need to lay down and rest or you may be inclined to have a very short temper, have periods of screaming and yelling followed by a a need to lie down and rest for a period of time.

If you feel as though you don't have sufficient confidence and are overly passive, then that's more likely a testosterone deficiency.

In Topic: Turns Out I Have Low Thyroid; What Does This Mean?

09 February 2014 - 02:15 AM

Thyroid controls a metabolism and body temperature. Classic signs are thinning outer eyebrows, sub-orbital edema (lower eye lid swelling), elevated blood pressure, cold extremities, myxedema, diffuse hair loss, lower core body temperature and a number of others.

Since thyroid controls metabolism system wide, correcting the imbalance could also increase the production of other hormones.

There are 2 very important pieces to that cant be missed.
1. Check 8 am cortisol as a deficiency will increase the metabolism of combined thyroid to free thyroid making the therapy unpleasant.
2. Use a combined T4/T3 medicine like Armour.

In Topic: Why Am I So Prone To Red Marks?

28 January 2014 - 10:54 AM

I take really good care of my skin (sunscreen, facial masks, moisturizer, products targeted specifically to fade red marks, etc.) and I don't have an acne problem but every. single. time. I get a zit it results in a flat red post-acne mark that takes ages to fade. This problem didn't start until last year and some of those first red marks I ever got still haven't faded completely, and it's been a year. It's really frustrating. Why did my skin become this way all of a sudden? Why am I so prone to this red spots? What can I do about it?

It could be a cortisol deficiency. How old are you?

In Topic: Acne - Topical Dht Serum For Dht Acne Problems

28 January 2014 - 03:07 AM




hormoan, do you have "testosterony looks": like deep voice, full beard, agressive impulse behaviour, balding issues, etc?
or rather on the contrary, as i suspect?

I don't look like a lumberjack.
I have a mild voice? Not very deep.
I have no aggression issues(other than the below) nor do I have an impulsive behavior. I also don't have aggression even when drunk.
I'm very different though when someone is aggressive towards me.
No balding issues.
ETC? Maybuh.
what about the beard?
because this is partially why i started taking saw palmetto, see i'm almost 30 and i have the beard of of a 16y kid(by the way saw palmetto grew me a bit of more excess hair within my hairline, but seemingly nothing regarding my beard), and for so long i suspected acne happened where hair should/would eventually grow (but for some reason, maybe just genetic, it didn't).
i imagine testosterone would change quite a bit of ur facial appearance (so that you don't look like a teen anymore), and although i'm not that extreme, there are ocassional people who don't give me more than 23y of age. anyway this is going too far, the idea that i'm trying to get out is that, (at least for us males) acne has nothing to do with excess testosterone&all of it related, in the regular way (like it's always sugested on these acne forums, ..usually by women.. which may have completely separately issues leading to acne).
i'll reseach a little more on the "free testosterone" idea, althogh practically i'm not sure i can do more than i already am(whatching for the liver/adrenals/rhythm flow of the day/night,specific diet&herbs etc).

Dan, acne in men is caused by elevated free testosterone and secondarily by elevated insulin.

Dht causes body hair growth and hair loss on your head. Adding saw palmetto would decrease body hair and might help with male pattern baldness. If you want your beard to grow, don't add saw pawmetto.

I have a suspicion that you have elevated adrenal androgens (dhea). Possibly cortisol deficiency if you also have inflamed acne.

my acne, at least on my face allmost never inflamatory. i had severe back acne (reddish, more inflamed, and les whiteheaddy) since highschool because of intense weight lifting i think. but my acne is: ~5 new whiteheads only around my chin/moustache, every 3-4 hours(!).


1. foods like sugar,bread etc, dont bring me immediate(or later) whiteheads. rather they lower my imune system and after 2days or so i start to get cysts, especially if i continue the refined carbs excess 2days in a row.


2. physical effort/physical stress IMMEDIATELY creates whiteheads (within half an hour even), but not cysts like the bad food does.





it would be nice to list all the issues we have so that we can get a hormone profile. for example i have cold extremities (even thought i exercise daily), my mom had severe cold extremities. or since going to the gym (highschool) i noticed a slight bit of puffy nipples, but nothing severe.


i'm still trying to discover this "free testosterone".. usually if you tell me about a 16y boy who has full beard (there are many, with deep voice also) i bet u that he doesn't have acne, or at least that after 21y max he has 0 chances of having acne.

also if you tell me about a guy who is bald, or baldish at around 23y again i bet u that has 0 chances of having acne.

the idea behind this is that their male hormones are "settled" (/established/clear/male-specific/etc).

Dan, you are tying your self up in knots with anecdotal data and non scientific observations.


The fact that an individual has developed secondary sexual characteristics only means that at one time their hormonal levels were sufficient. Without going through the full list of physical symptoms and complaints of deficiency, plus an exam plus blood work you really won't have a complete picture.  


Not sure what you are getting at with the beard comment.  DHT is responsible for stimulating body hair (except on the crown of your head) including the beard.  Here is where you loose me - DHT doesn't cause acne.  So I wouldn't expect to see a correlation.  


Hormone levels decline as we age and are responsible for significant loss in the quality of life and degenerative disease.  Ideally we maintain those levels with supplementation when levels start to decline.  The settling you are referring to is probably the decline in hormones.  We really don't want this to happen unless you have an imbalance like acne where the benefit of lower hormone levels is worth the cost of degenerate disease later in life.


Cold extremities is hypothyroid.  Sensitive nipples is the beginning of gynocomastia.  Quite possibly from your intake of saw palmetto