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In Topic: Forehead Breaking Out

14 May 2014 - 12:01 PM

I would stop the regimen. Try something less strong. Maybe tea tree oil as a spot treatment or turmeric. 

In Topic: Fruits That Cause Acne

26 February 2014 - 08:21 AM

I noticed a difference after cutting out oils in about a week or so...a dramatic difference in two weeks and my skin really improved after a month of no oils and the residual clogged pores had cleared out.  I also use meds (see below) but they never got me completely clear, even after years and years of use.  Same with diet changes until I avoided the oils.  I get monthly microdermabrasions that help unclog pores but like the meds, they never got me completely clear...however I think that after stopping oils the microdermabrasions  work even better --- and the clinicians who do them agree.   


Avoiding oils means avoiding all foods that have added oils in them...like foods fried in oil, etc.  Foods that naturally have oils such as avocados are good to eat since the body knows how to use those oils without becoming inflammed.  It is the processed oils that are a problem...the body was not designed to use those oils very well and people prone to inflammation especially.


The key thing I notice is that avoiding oils changes the quality of the sebum...makes it less sticky and less of it --- so less clogging and less inflammation. 


I avoid bread not because I am gluten sensitive but there is something else in bread that seems to inflame my skin.  I can eat pasta once a week or a burrito no problem so all I can think is that the yeast used in bread is an issue.  Also bread is usually made with oils and sugars which both are problems for me.  Whole wheat bread is the very worst for me...same with whole wheat pasta...but white pasta or burrito shells are okay.  Go figure...whole wheat is supposed to be so wonderful but not for me!  I've looked into gluten-free breads but they are loaded with sugars and oils and so don't work.  And gluten-free burrito shells are awful.  I do eat brown rice pasta and actually like it but it is made with straight forward brown rice flour...no sugars or oils.


I take Opti-L Zinc, Citrical + D, an organic multi, and Multi-Flora Probiotic.  This probiotic is very expensive but it has really made a difference in improving my digestion.  I also eat tons of vegies, berries and tubers (potatoes, yams), and small amounts of free-range eggs and fowl, and wild fish.  My diet somewhat mimics those of cultures that don't get acne and is what is called "nutrient dense".

Thanks so much for replying! Its hard to cut off oils, but I need to try it out to notice a difference like you did. Its more difficult when I don't cook much. Its time I learned healthier options. Thanks again :)

In Topic: Fruits That Cause Acne

20 February 2014 - 12:32 PM

Try also avoiding oils and foods made with oils.  Avoid adding oil to foods such as in salad dressing, margarine, butter, oil with cooking, etc.  This automatically means avoiding fast foods because they are cooked in oils and most restaurant foods since they are smothered in oils.  The only exception is using a tiny amount of EVOO when needed for cooking...a teaspoon or less for the whole meal.  Instead strive for steamed foods, fresh foods, etc.  See if that makes a difference in the remaining pimples.  It did for me.  Avoiding oils was the final thing I did in my diet change and it was the thing I think made the most difference.  Almost immediately my skin was really improved.

I still have not cut down on bread, so I will start that and also oils. How long before you noticed a difference after cutting out oils from your diet? And any vitamins/supplements that you could recommend?

In Topic: Fruits That Cause Acne

16 February 2014 - 09:24 PM

I've seen a difference since cutting down on the fruits on my green smoothies and thought the day. I also started using a clean and clear product that helped with small bumps that have a rough texture and are noticeable in certain lighting. That has gone away so my face feels smooth. But I still have like 4 or 5 pimples. I hope I can find a solution for those soon. I smack on greens a lot now throughout the day. Kale especially. And it's so low in calories. Not that I have ever watched my weight but it's a plus.

In Topic: Fruits That Cause Acne

01 February 2014 - 12:03 AM

Good idea! I'll start writing throughout t the process and see if it can find a more specific solution or explanation.