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#793590 I beg all of you to try Zinc + Chromium

Posted by confessions on 07 October 2005 - 12:53 AM

After two weeks I am completely clear. I've been taking 100 mg zinc and 800mcg chromium gtf daily and this has really contained my acne. I've recommended this treatment to three of my friends with really bad acne and it's worked for them too. They haven't had any new flareups after only a few days of taking the zinc and chromium.

I had been on the regimen for about 5 months and just got tired of the dryness and hassle of benzoyl peroxide. I posted a while back about how vegetables seemed to help my acne alot in combination with BP. In retrospect i think the zinc and small levels of chromium in the vegetables were the reason why. 100 mg zinc and 800 mcg chromium GTF are more than you could ever get eating pounds of fresh vegetables.

Please try this, it really works. If your unsure, do some online research yourself and you'll see how zinc and chromium work to strengthen the immune system and lower blood sugar levels.

word of caution: > 100 mg zinc daily may cause copper deficiency over many months, so stay below 100 mg zinc, or eat lots of copper rich foods, (like cashews).