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In Topic: The Ghost of Acne past

13 June 2010 - 01:49 PM

A began formulating a lengthy response after reading your post, Bacon, until I read what everyone else wrote. It's all been said (and rather well). While prone to lapses in judgment, on the whole, I do consider myself a rational person. I've convinced myself that everything will return to normal once I'm clear, but at 27, I've already missed so much. Perhaps I'm just deluding myself—attempting to justify my self-imposed exile.

No doubt, the psychological damage we've all incurred will take years to undo, but I've got to believe—for my own sanity—that achieving clear skin will have some beneficial effect on my life. In fact, that's all I've wanted since I was 14. For me, clear skin and happiness are inextricably linked. Obviously, there are exceptions (which I've largely ignored, to be honest), but I have to believe there's some truth to it, as most of my life has hinged upon this hope.

My opinion (self-serving though it may be) is that acne is, without a doubt, one of the biggest—if not the biggest—reason for our social anxiety. You can't blame acne for everything, but its deleterious effect—physically and mentally—is undeniable. Attempting to reconcile these anxiety issues while still suffering from acne is quixotic, especially when you're just a mirror's glance away from an instant reminder. For me, accepting acne has always been akin to surrender, and I can't abide giving up. Will the anxiety disappear once the acne does? No, but our skin definitely plays a role in all this.

Good topic, by the way. And I'm keen to try your regimen.

In Topic: Juice Fasting?

14 May 2010 - 09:07 PM

A thousand apologies, Maria, for my quasi-sexist remark. Ironically, considering you've already done a 3-day fast, you're more man than me! Also, if wearing skirts and/or dresses makes fasting easier, I'd gladly adorn myself in said garments.

And Jay, honestly, I doubt this would work for everyone, and yeah, the diet sounds f'n awful. Maybe it's curiosity, maybe it's boredom, but I wanna give it a try—just to see what happens. Hell, it's worth a shot.

In Topic: Juice Fasting?

14 May 2010 - 04:14 PM

QUOTE (Jay326 @ May 14 2010, 02:47 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
And what are you going to do after the fast?

From what I read, it's important to ease your way back into solid foods. After the initial water fast, you move to fruit and vegetable juices, then nuts, seeds, and fruits, and finally solid foods.

I agree the fast is pointless long-term if you don't adopt a strict raw food diet afterward, but I choose to look at it as an elimination diet of sorts. If certain foods trigger your acne, they shouldn't be too tough to pinpoint following the fast. I'm curious to see how I react—physically and mentally.

At the very least it's a challenge, and challenges are always easier when you're facing them with other people.

In Topic: Juice Fasting?

14 May 2010 - 12:01 PM

My fellow sufferers, lend me your ears!

Paul, I like where your head is at, my man. I'm also considering starting a water fast for kicks. Yeah, like for fun, because I'm f*cking crazed at this point. So over this acne b.s. Recently made it 36 hours on agua before I started having wet dreams about every food imaginable (When the thought of plain rice elicited an erection, I knew I was in trouble.)

That being said, I've tried every stupid regimen on this site, and the masochist in me likes this whole idea of fasting. Personally, I've gotten so paranoid that I can't eat food without fearing it will break me out. The answer: F*CK food! I'm down to chug water for the next 3-5 days if y'all will join me.

I'm not talking about some biblical 40-day fast—just a few days to see if there's any validity to this fasting fad. It makes sense (then again, everything on this site made sense to me at some point), and I'm all about fasting if it restores my sexy.

Take off the skirts, fellas. Let's doooo this! (Cue barbarian war cry followed by death metal breakdown)

In Topic: bacne for as long as i remember. w/pics

28 January 2010 - 10:18 PM

Feel for everyone here. Been to hell and back (ha!) with bacne. Mine is particularly frustrating because I am clear from May to September, like clockwork, but a mess the rest of the year.

The past two summers, I have been 99% clear—maybe 3-4 spots in those months, which is mind-bogglingly awesome for someone who's never really known clear skin. I have been using the same regimen during the summer months and can safely say that, for whatever reason, it works for me.

Two products:
Oxy Face Wash 10% BP
Alpha Hydrox Oil-Free 10% AHA gel

I shower every night, using the Oxy on my back and shoulders with a body puff. After toweling off and letting my skin dry (10-15 minutes), I smear loads of the AHA gel on my problem areas. Caveat: This specific AHA gel, which I think is the strongest and most effective I've found, is awesome; however, it's only 1.7 fl. oz. and pretty pricey for the size (~$12). I swear by it, though, and it is, in my opinion, the key to the regimen. Sadly, this inexplicably stops working every autumn. FML.

Fast-forward to the present, and my back is miserable. I can't quite crack the winter bacne code and am constantly experimenting. My current regimen is similar to the one listed above, except I use the AHA lotion vs. the gel and a cream-based BP. Used this last winter with some success, but it's a complete fail right now. Maybe ease off on the body puff?