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In Topic: Someone Help Please! Chest Acne :-(

13 July 2013 - 08:45 AM

Check this with your derm. They should monitor your progress when on accutane. Sometimes dosage needs to be adjusted. Few bumps on the road are to be expected when treating acne..

In Topic: Pityrosporum Folliculitis ?

12 July 2013 - 05:47 AM

Ketoconazole tablets should be taken with a slightly acid stomach, like if you drink a Coke or a glass of lemon juice, and then wait an hour, and then go exercise and sweat for an hour or two so the drug is delivered to the skin.  Did your doc tell you that?


Is it necessary? The drug should get into the blood stream and to the skin. Otherwise topical ketoconazole would be enough.

My doc didn't tell me anything.. I just asked for the drug and he was clueless (as they usually are). You're supposed to take blood tests but he had no clue about that either. Anyway, I'm also using topical Clindamycin on the spots so that I won't get a secondary infection. Perhaps not that smart as I won't have a clue what worked..


Ps. This is a good site with information about the different types of folliculitis.


Apparently there're more than one type of fungal folliculitis with different treatments.

In Topic: Pityrosporum Folliculitis ?

10 July 2013 - 01:29 PM

This thing is driving me crazy; I'm getting a couple of bumps on my chest at a time and I've had it for few years. Oral antibiotics always clears it up but it comes back anyway. I tried anti-bacterial soaps for long time but no success. Could this be PF anyway? My doc had me on uvb therapy for 4 months (weekly) but it hasn't helped. She asked my to try terbinafine gel and I did but with limited success. I asked for Ketoconazole tablets and now I'm on them for 10 days (only).


What bothers me is that it's only limited to a small area (mid-chest) and rarely I get them elsewhere. Occasionally one or two on my back or upper chest. I also often get jock itch but never ever athlete's foot. Anyhow that's why I suspect PF since I also tend to sweat on my torso.. However, if antibiotics (oral) always clear up the bumps.. does it mean I can't have PF?

My derm also suggested propylene glycole. Here it's available as a mositurizer 20%. Is it effective against bacteria and fungi?

In Topic: Hibiclens

18 December 2012 - 12:00 PM

Anyone else still using this?
I bought Hibiscrub (that's the brand here) some month ago for my folliculitis and been using it few times a week as my doctor told me to. Been thinking if I should start using it daily. I keep getting staph infections on my chest and back and antibiotics always gets rid of it but it comes back naturally.. Can this stuff actually kill bacteria that live in the follicules?

In Topic: Killing the Keratosis Pilaris on My Arms

29 January 2012 - 07:29 PM

I suffered from KP on my arms once i quit Accutane many years ago. The only thing that finally cured it was using Vitamin A oil for about one-two months. I haven't had any problems since.

sorry to hijack this thread guys! but i just came aceoss johnny28's post and couldnt resist Posted Image
i'm about 2 months into my accutane course and about a week ago noticed what looks like keratosis pilaris all over my thighs, the back of my calves and some on my fingers. Anyways, question is, did your KP appear during your accutane course at all or was it only when it ceased? thankyou!

Sorry for late reply, I don't visit here often :)
As I remember I had issues already before I quit and that is due to the very dry skin.
It is possible my KP was healed because the vitamin oil I used simply moisturised it constantly (the oil never dries up).
But this was some six years ago now so I don't remember the timing exactly I'm afraid.