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In Topic: What's the one food you just CAN'T give up ...

06 December 2005 - 05:28 PM

Ice Cream.............................most definately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Topic: Has any one heard or used..riboflavin (vitamin B2)

05 September 2005 - 10:48 AM

anyone biggrin.gif

In Topic: Green tea

28 August 2005 - 04:20 AM

I have bought the powered type of green tea the other day.......two type one maccha green tea and the other green tea with some vitamins in it.......i was wondering u think these powered green tea have artificial colours in it.

In Topic: White Tongue!!!

28 August 2005 - 02:41 AM

hey chococat123

funny u should say that becoz in my life i have had alot of antibitotics, and the more i hear about antibiotics the more negative i think they are. I have tried tetracycline,penicillin, and there is another that I have tried but aint sure what the name is i think it starts with a M or a d, cud be doxycillin or something.

Since I have been diagonised with rosacea this year in feburary my derm has put me on amysporin, and a low dose of roaccutane. So even thou now i am on antibitotics even thou i know they can t be good for you in the long term or any term.

But my derm has told me and i have also researched that if you have rosacea taht usually more ofthen then not they give antibitotics to treat it.........

What can i do.......will my rosacea worsen if i dont take antibitotics. I dont want to be on medicine all my life...

BUt i also think it is a zinc defficency...that causes my white tongue. eusa_think.gif

In Topic: if acne was related to diet.....

26 August 2005 - 12:10 AM

Yeh i have the same puzzling question too........what i think it is is that yeh the tane muct be supressing the symtoms of the bad diet and the food that we are allergic to and so when we are on the tane it is hard to tell which food affect ur cane the most or if food affect ur acne at all for that matter.

Nice to see someone else is in the same shoes as me....feels comforting  eusa_angel.gif , i am due to finish the tane this week and have booked an appointment with my derm next monday to finalise everything.

This is my 2nd time round by the way and during this round i have made alot of changes compared to what i was doing during my first course. Things i avoided since going on the tane in febuary this year:

freid foods
spicy foods
(have been avoding dairy and bread recently since reading bad reviews on the 2 on this board)
Sugary foods......e.g chocolate

Facial regime wise i have been given this face wash from my derm and a lotion to put on everytime i finish with the washer. I avoid harsh scrubbing of the face with my face cloth and now what i do is to pat dry my face with it...no hot showers and dont stay in the shower for too long.


I am on a much lower dose this time round 20mg a day but have been on it since feb this year so it has been 6 months now but the results are great and i am completely acne free at the moment just marks left but they have been steadily fading........i have notcied somethings make my marks go redder like sugary foods chocolate especially.

I also drink lemon water and green tea now too.