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itismehmmkay's Blog > Week 2

Posted 18 July 2010

So no real obvious differences. But my skin is definitely doing the drying thing, which I figure is good because it's as if the dead blemish cells are sloughing off. I just hate it when the corners of my mouth, corners of my eyes, and under my chin are so dry. I'm trying to perfect my technique in applying the moisturizer without blending BP to...

itismehmmkay's Blog > Week 1

Posted 13 July 2010

I'm going to track my progress weekly. I'll take a pic each Sat or Sunday and see how things go. Even though I've been on the regimen already, I'm making this week the first week that I've been getting into the hang of doing the regimen exactly. For instance I just started w/ applying the gel on in the morning, I didn't do that...

itismehmmkay's Blog > Starting Pics (worse than I thought)

Posted 11 July 2010

So I just took some pics of my face and...damn...it's worse than I thought. My face feels relatively smooth since I don't really have any bumps. But those scars are horrible :pray:...

itismehmmkay's Blog > From Regimen Log

Posted 11 July 2010

So I was going to track everything with a regimen log, but figured a blog would be better. Here's my entry in the message board:

I always come back to this regimen because it works for me! It instantly clears my blemishes. I'm now working to clear the leftover scars and marks so I plan to maintain...