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Legumes: How Come ?

10 October 2013 - 10:16 AM

I moved here in the Us 6 months ago from Italy


never had acne in my life


i'm 27


in last few months i experiences sudden breakouts



i was eating bad I guess



whole wheat pasta, soy milk, cereals with added sugar, low priced meat (with hormones i guess) lot of canned beans, lot of whole bread




i changed my diet



only organic eggs, meat, veggies and fruits

no milk only greek yogurt

no bread

only "made in italy" pasta



everything cleared up sincerly after 1 week




yesterday i wanted to eat lentils cause i love legumes and i need proteins


i soaked them for 24h


cooked in hot water for 20min



this morning i wake up and I can see some acne coming out


WHAT ??????





what's the story ?



i remember I ate legumes in Italy and never had problems




is something related to US legumes ? the way they farm them ?



IS THERE NO BEAN/LEGUMES SAFE for me ? what might be the problem ?


if I buy them at Whole Foods, they'll be better ?




Thanks so much

I think now I'm fine with my diet but I really need to eat some legumes sometimes

New To Usa, Having Acne For The First Time: Be Careful

29 September 2013 - 09:52 PM

Hello guys

I think my story might be useful

I lived for 27 years in Italy

Eating pretty everything being part of the Mediterranean diet: pasta, greens, meat, fish, bread, fruits and vegetables

Never had acne except for some isolated pimples very seldom

Im living in the Us for 10 months now and in last 3 months im experiencing bad acne expecially on neck, cheek and sonetimes nose

I had in my forehead a red area for weeks

I got the something was wrong with diet

I was eating soy milk, cornflakes, lot of pasta, lot of bread, big breast chicken, meat

Somebody told me that cheap chickes is fed with hormones

I cut it

I cut it soy milk


I reduced a lot pasta and bread

I think Usa has serious issues with foods

Never had a problem in italy

Now everything is getting better after 2/3 weeks replacing wheat, soy and sugars

Now im eating greek yog, fruits, seeds, almonds, green tea, greens, veggies, meat, fish, few pasta and lot of legumes/beans

In last days i had a little breakout

Im trying to understand what caused it

A question:

Is there a relation, something in common between soy, wheat, cereals (that im sure here in the Us are bad for me) and beans/lentils (my hint is last breakout was caused by them) ?