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22 August 2014 - 05:32 AM

I have been using Epiduo once before and It worked very good. I switched from the regimen to Epiduo and had no big problems whatsoever. I decided to quit the regimen because of the dryness, redness and all the time you'll spend on applying all the stuff to your face twice a day. I wanted a more simple routine and Epiduo gave me that. 


After a couple of months on Epiduo I had to renew my prescription but It never happened because of laziness and I thought my acne was under control. I decided to replace the nightly Epiduo with the regimen once a day. After a couple of months my acne was back. 


I got a new prescription and i'm back on Epiduo for a week now. Right now my skin is in the purging-state and my skin looks terrible. I'm looking forward to clear skin again smile.png I hope it works this time as well. 


My current routine




Acne.org cleanser

Acne.org moisturizer




Acne.org cleanser


Acne.org moisturizer + Jojoba Oil


I'll do some updates in this thread. 

Need Advice To Get My Acne Under Control Again

02 October 2013 - 11:36 AM

Hello acne.org


I have been using the regimen for 2-3 years with 2-3 weeks off because of vacation. The regimen is usually able to keep my skin pretty clear, but the last 7-8 months I have been struggling to keep clear. I use the full amount of BP and Dans products twice a day. I get zits on my right/left cheeks, the area above the lips and on my chin. It's like theres a few new zits every week and it's driving me insane! It's like my healthy lifestyle is in vain when it comes to preventing acne.  


I eat healthy: a lot of vegetables, lean meat, whole grain, no dairy, no sugar and only a couple of cups of coffee a day. I do take zinc 15mg, Vitamin D3 and Fish oil omega 3. 


I don't normally eat junk food and if it happens it will be one time a month or so. I do a lot of exercise every week: cardio and weight lifting 4 times a week. 


Why the hell am I struggling to keep clear now when I could keep pretty clear before? Is it because of my weight lifting? (I didn't do as much lifting before, but drank whey protein 2 times a day. I don't do that anymore and haven't been doing so for a month). 


My type of acne is papules (most) and pustules. 


I would appreciate if anybody could offer me a good piece of advice on this! whistling.gif) Thanks a lot. 

Sorry for grammatical errors, i'm not a native speaker. 

My Regimen Log (Elfantasma)

27 September 2013 - 08:37 AM

Hello everyone


I have had acne since I was 15 or 16 years old. I got (Ro)Accutane one time for 4-5 months once. I can't really remember when. Maybe at age 17. It cleared me completely for a couple of years. I'm 25 now and soon turning 26. I have been using Dans regimen and his products for some years now on/off. It helps a lot, but the last 7-8 months I haven't been able to keep clear skin. I am struggling to find out  why i'm still fighting with acne. I know my mother had acne in her 20s as well, so I guess it's somewhat genetic. 


I considered a few things: 


- Me and my ex girlfriend of 3,5 years broke up and moved apart = a lort of stress

- I have been working out a lot compared to before (3-4 times a week lifting weights) = Hormones 

- I took a lot of Whey supplements to help me gain muscle. 2-3 shakes a day. 


I still work out a lot but have quit taking supplements to avoid dairy and milk. 


I try to avoid dairy, refined sugar and unhealthy food and eat low-gi food. (been doing this diet for the last month) 


I get acne on my chin and cheeks. I think my type of acne is papules and sometimes inflammed pastules. I guess my acne is mild to moderate.  



Acne.org cleanser

Acne.org treatment BP 2,5 % (2 pumps) 

Acne.org mouisturizer 

Jojoba oil 



Omega 3

Vitamin D3

Zinc (started one week ago) 


I just ordered some AHA to try it and get rid of some red marks. 


The attached photos is before my skin got worse. I think they are from february and march 2013. I was using the regimen at that time as well. Well my skin isn't horrible, but I hate I can't keep my skin clear anymore. 

Nuts And Acne

17 September 2013 - 12:09 AM

Hello guys


I have been wondering whether nuts are good or bad when talking about Acne? Actually I eat a lot of nuts, especially almonds every day. What's your opinion about nuts? I have read different things about nuts on this forum. 


Have a nice day!