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#3412914 Can People Recommend A Salicylic Acid "treatment"?

Posted by Calumma on 08 February 2014 - 04:35 AM

I was on BP treatment for a looong time, for over 20years.. Now I am happy with the 2% BHA extra strenght clear liquid by paulas choice. I use this in the evening, for daytime i use the 2% BHA gel, no other moisturizer required in my case.
I recently added retinol ( green cream) to the routine and it works beautiful!  But to be honest, the Spiro had already cleared me from my deep cysts

#3399170 Sauna - Initial Breakout?

Posted by Calumma on 05 December 2013 - 11:25 PM

Be aware that sweat leaves your skin through totally different openings than oil. So sweating does not "clean" your congested pores. Instad of this, sweat can be an irritant and cause congested pores to inflame, and it can spread bacteria over the face.

So I would definately avoid sauna if you have inflamed acne.

#3394461 Spiro For 2Nd Time

Posted by Calumma on 13 November 2013 - 07:46 AM

Oh geez, that is terrible. I hope you get used to it soon, so you can get good sleep again.

#3393503 Does Bp Cure Acne Forever?

Posted by Calumma on 09 November 2013 - 11:00 AM

Well, it seems rather unlikely to outgrow your acne, once you have passed a certain age. Especially as a female. I know many women with skin problems , and to be honest...the ones that still had acne in their twenties, also had it is their thirties and fourties if they did not treat it.

We had a real acne "boom" around, when all our female friends came off BC because they wanted to have babies. I bet the main reason many women seem to have clear skin that used to be acne-probe in their early twenties, is the use of birth control.

Nowadays there are more women with acne here, because they took diane 35 off market due to its dangers. I bet they will do the same for Yaz soon, so this causes a lot of problems for women with acne.

#3393312 Does Bp Cure Acne Forever?

Posted by Calumma on 08 November 2013 - 12:02 PM

I have been using BP without a break for over 20 years. It never stopped working, but I had phases that needed more BP or less BP to keep my acne under control. Most of the time it was absolutely sufficient to use it only in the evening.


So I cannot give you hope that it helps you get rid of it. But at least I can tell you that my skin is -according to my derm - less damaged than average women's skin at my age. I was always avoiding too much sun on BP and all kinds of aggressive Irritants,most likely that is the reason, but for sure the BP did not cause any excessive aging or damage like some people fear.

#3393054 Spiro For 2Nd Time

Posted by Calumma on 07 November 2013 - 07:18 AM

I guess icing is the best thing you can do at that state. My acne has definatly changed with Spiro. Well now of course, because it brought me so much relief. But I had a phase that lasted about 2 months where my skin was just weird: I had painful spots on my face. Like there was a cyst underneath, but it was not really hard. sometimes a bit red. But it was really painful and sometimes even itchy.

Whenever I had one of those, I had a 50/50 chance of it just disappearing, or becoming a zit. I learned that icing really makes the difference for those fellows that cannot decide whether they will stay and grow or just go. I applied my PC 10% AHA on them a few times a day, then ice them as often as possible and afterwards I put a spot of 5% BPO on them ( I had been on the regimen for the last 21 years and quit the widespread usage, but still have some here for spot treatment. I also apply it when I have squeezed clogged pores, because it prevents them from becoming inflamed)

I would say that with this regimen, about 90% of those things disappeared after 2 days without developing into a zit or cyst.

For the Rest: hang on. Spiro is really slooow.

#3392816 Othorexia Nervosa

Posted by Calumma on 06 November 2013 - 07:41 AM

I do not agree with this. Orthorectic people are obsessed with eating correct things. This means they are afraid that certain foods are really bad for them, but also includes foods that are suppodsed to be ethically "incorrect" (meat, dairy, imported stuff, non-organic food).

The people on the board are mainly trying to find a way to handle  their acne.

The day someone would take their acne away from them, I am quite sure one of the first things many would do , is to eat a huge pizza hut cheesy crust pizza , and Icea cream and french fries and a ton of chocolate mousse. Without feeling bad (besides the hurting stomach after that orgy maybe).

#3392439 D H T The Sole Creator Of Acne

Posted by Calumma on 04 November 2013 - 12:23 PM

As excess sebum production was the reason for your acne, accutane solved this problem for you because your oil glands are shrunk. So no matter what shit you eat, as long as accutane is working for you, they cannot produce too much sebum even if your DHT levels are going crazy.

But this does not have to be forever. They can grow again and hormones can stimulate them to produce too much oil again, especially if our acne is hormone cycle triggered. I have seen males that got cured with roaccutane, but the girls and women I know usually had acne relapses after a few moths or years, because of the constant up-and-down stimulation in their monthly cycle..

Accutane reduces gland size, but it does not affect DHT sensitivity, at least as far as I know.

So for people that have been successful with accutane,  it is a good idea to take the good status quo as a basis to work with. This means LOW DHT stimulation by keeping hormones balanced, and a good diet.

Although accutane has suppressed your acne now, you are still genetically acne prone. And for genetically acne prone people, diet often has an influence on their breakouts. Not now, your oil glands are tiny now. But I would be careful not to stimulate them too much.

#3392394 Is My Acne Severe ? (Photo Attached)

Posted by Calumma on 04 November 2013 - 06:42 AM

You are actually saying similar things as me wink.png

But: I was never talking about food allergies.

There are foods that can totally influence your hormonal balance and through this, can influence your acne via sebum prodction . There are foods that contain hormones themselves or hormone-like substances , that can influence your acne.

There are inflammatory foods that can trigger your acne, not by sebum propduction but by the way your body reacts to it. There are things like caffeine that make your DHT levels go through the roof.

You cannot only reduce acne  by sebum production. There are people with really dry skin that have acne as well. And there are people that are carying an oil film on their faces, and still do not get acne.

My dad is 63 and still breaks out from eating pork. I break out from fried foods and lemon/grapefruit/ orange juice, and although many people say food does not matter: it does for many.


There are no sensors outside the skin, but if you "hurt" or irritate your skin, it will lead to an increase on inflammatory cytokines in that area and those can worsen your acne by the way your body reacts to a clogged pore


Accutane can be helpful for many people, but it can also ruin their lifes if they are the ones that have to deal with long-term-effects. If it worked for you long-term and you did not have serious side effects I am hapy for you. But this does not mean that it will be as effective and safe for all other people.

As long as there's no scarring occuring, IMHO, I would always try all other possibilities before I go on accutane. This is a very strong med, not tic tacs.

#3391435 Starting Spironolactone Today..nervous And Questions!

Posted by Calumma on 30 October 2013 - 02:20 AM

25 is really low. I am on 100 mg right from the start and did experince some headache and dizziness the first week. Now I feel nothing at all. It is not even noticeably diuretic to me. I am not thirsty, constantly peeing,  shedding or dizzy ,  I just feel normal.

#3391277 Mica Has Made Me Itchy And Break Out... Any Minerals Without It?

Posted by Calumma on 29 October 2013 - 10:01 AM

Do you get artdeco over there? They have mica , but only to a veeeery low degree.

My smashbox mineral blush is also mica free, so maybe their mineral foundation is also working.

There's a german organic brand for mineral make up that produces mica free products, I will check for you if they ship to UK. I react the same way to it btw. All their prodicts are bismuth free.




Yes, they do ship: http://www.chrimalux...undation,cat-44


Shipping costs are low and abou 4-5 working days delivery to UK. They will send you a starter pack with different shade samples of extremely fair to fair mica free mineral powder foundation. I think the english description is not great, so I would just send them an e-mail with a description of your skin tone and what you need. As you can see on the page,  they have different skin tone groups, so everyone can find his very perfect make up shade.

Every salesman here speaks english, no problem.

But you have to stress that you need mica free, because their "normal" series includes mica.

#3391260 Is My Acne Severe ? (Photo Attached)

Posted by Calumma on 29 October 2013 - 07:55 AM

Sorry but I would NEVER use a harsh scrub on acne prone skin. Any irritation on acne prone skin will (at least in my experience) cause more breakouts and redness. If you want to exfoliate, try chemical peels IMHO.


BTW.....when I had acne, BPO was still a prescription med here and up to today, and is still not allowed to be sold outside pharmacies. Not even clearasil or Paulas Choice products with BPO are sold here, we have completely different products.

According to my derm, it plays in the same league as other prescription meds, and is at least as effecive if not better. The only thing that seems to work relieably better than BPO is accutane, which I never wanted to try because I saw what it did to 2 people even years after taking it.

#3389724 Is My Acne Severe ? (Photo Attached)

Posted by Calumma on 20 October 2013 - 02:17 PM

Those kinds of zits for me perfectly responded to the regimen btw

#3387656 Telling My Gf I Had An Issue With My Acne.

Posted by Calumma on 10 October 2013 - 02:47 PM

She is your girlfriend. She has very likely  seen your skin closer than you in all kinds of lights, she KNOWS you have acne. She also knows everybody has weaknesses , and I guess she os clever enough to know that you will have a few too. So if this bothers you, talk to her about it.  If talking to her about this changes your relationship in a negative way ( be it a problem with the acne itselfvor with your " weakness") there would not have been any long- term future for thos relationship anyway.
While most girls are very obsessed with their own skin, many girls and women do not care too much about acne or scarring in guys.

#3387349 Severe Butt Pimple (Sorry If Tmi)

Posted by Calumma on 09 October 2013 - 01:28 AM

You got to see a doctor. It may not be a pimple bit a refilling abscess that has to be removed. I had quite a lot of male friends that experienced this, has nothing to do with acne.