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Diet And Acne - Citrus, Caffeine, Cocoa, Dairy And Alcohol!

30 August 2013 - 05:54 PM

Hi all, I've been an acne sufferer my whole life. I've been on antibiotics, accutane and the contraceptive pill. All worked whilst I was on them but as soon as I stopped my acne came back just as bad as before. I'm 32 now and whilst I still get it bad I now know what triggers it. Stress is a big factor, but certain foods are also big triggers. Unfortunately they're all the fun foods! So I do still have them occasionally and I just have to be prepared for a massive breakout :(

* Citrus - oranges, mandarins, tangelos etc. Lemons and limes are fine. Breakouts occur (for me) around upper lip and chin area. More pustulated types (whiteheads) than cystic.
* Dairy - breakouts occur mostly on forehead. Cystic.
* Caffeine - one of the worst things for my skin :( even just one cup of tea! Cystic breakouts occur around jaw line and cheeks where hormonal acne occurs. I think this is because caffeine affects your adrenals, so increases the production of cortisol, which causes acne.
* Cocoa - same effect as caffeine for same reason.
* Alcohol - all types, even just a glass :( Cystic breakouts along jaw line and cheeks.
* Tomatoes - sometimes too many tomatoes also cause the breakouts but I have pinpointed where and what type of breakout yet. Might have something to do with the acid content.
* Fruit - especially juices, or any high sugar content fruit eg dried fruit, stone fruits, melons etc Apples and bananas are ok so I stick with these. Pears are not too bad either.

Interestingly, refined sugar and fatty foods don't really affect my acne! Strange! But high sugar intake can affect candida and I'm wondering if that might be linked to acne somehow. For me, I think most of my issues are hormonal and stem from high cortisol levels, which are affected by some of the food groups mentioned above.

So try cutting out these foods even just for two weeks and see how your skin goes. It's not fun and its not like we're not going to indulge now and then, but it might help you understand a bit more what triggers your acne.