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Eating Better, Rougher Skin?

25 November 2012 - 07:32 AM

I've begun eating better and drinking more water the last couple of weeks. Cut out soda entirely and cut waaaaay back sugar, cut down on carbs, drinking five or so glasses of water a day. I've also been exercising more. All of this is great and I fully intend to keep doing so, but I've noticed my skin texture is actually rougher and dryer than it was a few weeks ago.

I don't have the cash right now, but for when I do, what supplements should I consider for softening my skin???

None Acne Related Medications

22 November 2012 - 10:28 AM

I was wondering what experiences people have had with medications they take that are not for their acne. Side effects and interactions with various regimens they've tried. (Prescription, topicals, diet related - anything.)

I'm currently on 250 mgs of Lamictal (mood stabilizer) and 100 mgs of Trazadone. (Sedative). I also take ten milligrams of meletonin at night to help me sleep. (Under psych's permission.) My side effects have included acne, weight gain, hair loss, and lowered energy levels. I use a topical treatment to help reduce the acne, but find with the medications, it does increase dryness and late day oilyness. Prescription acne meds, due to both lack of a MD doctor and fear of medication interaction, are not feasible. But I do wonder.

So what's ya'lls experiences?

Profile New Stuff Thingies?

20 November 2012 - 05:43 PM

Is my entire "About Me" status really under my pic whenever I make a post? It's eating up space. Is there a place to put all that stuff now (that won't sit next to every single post I make?) Is there a tutorial somewhere????

Also is there a "Recent posts" function? (EDIT: Found the signature setting.)



18 April 2010 - 07:29 PM

So, this is mostly me venting, needing to get some things out to people who get how depressing it is to deal with bad skin......

It hasn't been the easiest last year (dealing with a divorce), and I'd attributed that to my skin breaking out so much. So when I went to a psychiatrist to get help for the emotional issues, and got medication for those issues, I thought with the stress leveling out, my skin would, too.

But no, instead it comes out that the medication responsible for making me the feel the sanest I've felt all year is making my skin worse. Honestly, I haven't had skin this bad since high school, and it's killing me to know that. It's been so long since looking in the mirror actually made me *sad* (at least with reguards to my face), and the acne that's come out of this is so much more persistant and damaging to my skin tone and color.

I have never really thought about if God makes trades, if one thing gets better something else gets worse, but this last couple of weeks, it's actually been in my head and I really dislike that.

My boyfriend doesn't really get the whole skin thing, even  less than my exhusband did, so I always feel so silly when trying to talk to him about it.

I really wish I could frame this in some kind of pretty words, or make it eloquent, or in some way make it feel stronger, somehow, but the truth of the matter is, it's really, really bringing me down lately. I just finally got some extra cash and ordered some more of Dan's stuff (I haven't had the money for it in over a year) and am praying this helps, because changing medication is not an option, but neither is skin like this.

Thank all of you so much for listening. For those who recognize me, sorry that I only come around every six months or so. But it helps me so much to know that it doesn't matter if it's tommorow, or six months, or a year from now, this place will still be here the next time I need it.

That is so invaluable.