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Moisturiser With Spf Which Does Not Make My Face Greasy Or Shiny

04 September 2013 - 05:48 AM

What are some good moisturiser with spf which would not make my face greasy or shiny and is available in normal stores in UK. 


btw am also on accutane so needs something that would not make my acne worse.

Taking Accutane With Milk Or Water And At Night Or Morning?

20 August 2013 - 05:28 PM

I am currently taking one capsule of 20mg accutane, I take it in the afternoon after eating full lunch with water but my body feels really warm like I have high temperature an hour later for few hours.


I have read that you should take accutane with fat but is it ok if i just take it with water after I've ate? I am also thinking of changing the time to night so even if my body feels warm, I'd be sleeping.


is it good to take it "whole milk" because wouldnt milk cause more outbreak and contribute to increase in triglycerides levels?


is it ok to take it on full stomach or does your lunch/meal needs to contain food that has fat in it?



Started Roaccutane On 20Mg

18 August 2013 - 04:40 PM



I'm 20, male, 90 kg and has been suffering from moderate to sever acne but only on the face for number of years. I've been prescribed Roaccutane by an NHS dermatologist, starting out on 20 mg for first month followed by 40 mg in second before I see him again.


I need some advice regarding looking after my face and skin,


What face cleanser, moisturizer etc... should I get? please recommend me products that I can easily get from a high street store or super market and are not that expensive as I'm an student so low on budget, I live in UK btw. 


As I'm starting on low dose, will I have initial outbreak in the first month or second month? will I have more outbreaks when my dosage is increased in month 3.


When does initial outbreak and how long does it last and how frequent are they.


I'll really appreciate your advice.


Thank you,