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In Topic: Started Roaccutane On 20Mg

22 September 2013 - 02:48 PM

Hi Lugo!


I started out on 20mg, and broke out awfully during month 2. Hang in there!


u were right, its only been a week into second month and i've broken out on my chin and lips.


how long does it last? do you break out every time the dose is increased 

I use Sanex for Sensitive skin and Vaseline Aloe Vera moisturiser (it's oil free, light and non-clogging). These keep the skin clean and balanced, it's tempting to use harsh products on skin but you need to be gentle. I'm sorry to hear you are using accutane, that can't be nice, be sure to get hormones checked and a food intolerance test incase that's causing your acne & maybe Google demodex parasites, they live on the skin and can cause acne.

thanks, i'll keep this in mind

In Topic: Started Roaccutane On 20Mg

18 September 2013 - 03:14 PM

Hi Lugo!


I started out on 20mg, and broke out awfully during month 2. Hang in there!

I'm also in the UK and have found it difficult to get hold of so many of the products that people recommend on here so I've had to find my own.



Burt's Bees for your lips, a generic pharmacy Aqueous cream moisturiser to use as a face wash and Palmer's cocoa butter (solid formula) as a moisturiser. 

These are all available from Boots smile.png




i'll look in to the products you mentioned.


i hope i dont break out much, i have had spots for past 7 years so I've gotten used to it but just dont wont white heads or big one on my lips or nose

In Topic: Started Roaccutane On 20Mg

17 September 2013 - 07:22 AM

one month done on 20 mg

just started second month on 40 mg


1st month:

no side effects (minor dry lips on some days)

not using any moisturizers or lotions on my face as i don't have dry skin or feel any irritation. 


hopefully this second month goes smoothly as the first month.

In Topic: Taking Accutane With Milk Or Water And At Night Or Morning?

20 August 2013 - 05:40 PM

Take it with food mate.

normal lunch or dinner would be fine then? shouldnt worry about fat content in my meals?

In Topic: Started Roaccutane On 20Mg

20 August 2013 - 05:19 PM

Lugo, I've moved your post to the prescription meds forum where I'm sure you will get many supportive responses from the many accutane users that use this site.

no problemhifive.gif


Eucerin cleansing gel is also very gentle and they also have Eucerin cleansing milk which is good when your on Accutane becuase it´s better for dry skin(more moist in it).

thanks for the suggestion but cant really find it in uk stores expect for ebaysad.png


Hi Lugo,


I started on a low dose as well (10mg and I weigh 50kg) and it's been going well so far. I definitely think that starting at a lower dose minimizes the IB, which is why I specifically asked my doctor for this dose. Like you, I might double my dose after the first month depending on how things go. 


I use Cetaphil cleanser and Cetaphil moisturizer, and Aquaphor for my lips. 

Good luck with your journey on accutane, hope it goes wellbiggrin.png


I already have a lot of red scars and pimples and have got few new ones since I've started so dont know if am  suffering from IB already or not. My derm put me on the current dosage and i just agreed with him because I have no idea how my body would react on lower or higher dose

As the above poster noted. Either cerave or cetaphil is very gentle on skin. My son used both. As for lip balm , we found Bag Balm from local costco or rite aid to work wonders. It comes in a green can. You will find it in the first aid ( think neosporin) isle. We put some into a little container from target so he could carry it around in his pocket. The bag balm is also good to put on any open pimples or cuts. You may notice your hands and arms my become easier to get scrapes and cuts as accutane thins the skin somewhat. For the body use a moisturizing soap such as dove body wash. It does leave a somewhat oily film but that's what you need right now.


I think the two most popular brands for gentle cleansers and moisturizers are probably Cetaphil and CeraVe. I personally use Cetpahil cleanser as well as a Cetaphil moisturizer w/ SPF for day time and Cetaphil cream for night time/extra dry patches. The Cetaphil cream is quite a lot thicker and greasier so that's why I only use it at night time. If i do use it in the morning or through out the day it's just on extra dry places. Also, for dry lips the only chap stick that works for me is Dr. Dans cortibalm which unfortunately is quite pricey. I also use vaseline on my lips when I'm at home.


Cleanser: http://www.cetaphil....e-skin-cleanser


Moisturizer: http://www.cetaphil....isturizer-spf30


Cream: http://www.cetaphil....sturizing-cream


Lip balm: http://www.drdanslipbalm.com


The lip balm I had to order from www.ebeauty.ca because I'm in Canada. I assume you should be able to get all this in the UK. 


As far as an initial outbreak goes I think most people experience it during the first month, however starting at such a low dose if you do experience an IB I don't think it would be too severe. And when I went from 40mg/day to 80mg/day in my second month I did experience a bit of an IB but not too bad.


Good luck!


Thanks for suggestions


I've been using simple brand soap for sensitive skin but is it good for people on acne?


I'll try cetaphil because I think it will be available at boots, currently for the past few days I've been putting on E45 lotion at night even though I havent experienced dry skin yet but E45 is making my face really greasy and shiny meaning the spots and scars are really beaming which is not what i need atm and even makes me sweat. would cetaphil moisturizer be greasy and shiny as well?


what moisturizer would you recommend that would not make my face all shiny and greasy,