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Tapering Off Benzoyl Peroxide

24 September 2013 - 05:54 AM

Has anyone, after getting clear skin with BP, had success with tapering off of BP - for example, dropping from 10% concentration to 5%, 2.5% and eventually 0% (none)?


My skin is almost clear with a 10% strength bp product (the only strength that has helped). After a certain period of staying clear, I plan to taper off like in the above example.


Thanks. :)

When You Finally Get Clear...

23 August 2013 - 02:53 PM

How many of you will you be able to return to life as it used to be as if nothing happened. And for those who got clear, how many of you still suffer from the mental effects? Just wondering smile.png

I Can't Focus On Anything...

14 August 2013 - 08:16 AM

Everyday, at least once, I sit there staring into space thinking of that day when I'll be free from worry about my skin. But I think and worry so much that it's affecting my life.


The last 4 years (15-19) of my life have been terrible. I've pushed away friends because of insecurities about my skin. I've avoided nearly every single social event. I feel as though my skin has been the deciding, make-or-break factor in many potential relationships with the opposite sex (and I don't blame them either), and so I pretty much gave up entirely with that just over a year ago. It was always a "once my skin is better" thing. I'm fed up of being judged because of my skin; judged for the wrong reasons. You know, most people associate bad skin with being unhygienic and hence this implies other negative things about me that are not true. I've become reluctant to train for my sports (gymnastics/athletics) because my skin temporally looks even worse after sweating/exercising hard.


Right now I can't even enjoy this summer break. All I can think is "does my skin look 1% better today or not?", etc.


I just hope that I can go back to university in October with clear skin...