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#3392197 No Sugar Buddies?

Posted by CookieJ on 03 November 2013 - 07:35 AM

She means that you come across as passive-aggressive and arrogant in most of your posts. But since you come across as you already know-it-all, that your opinions are facts, and that your diet is spot on, then there are obviously no further dietary changes that you could possibly make in order to lighten up your mood, since you already have that area optimised. I don't really see the potential puzzlement there.

#3384621 Tapering Off Benzoyl Peroxide

Posted by CookieJ on 24 September 2013 - 01:15 PM

I don't recommend eliminating the BP completely. In my experience, 2.5% BP is equally as effective as 10%.


It may be possible for you to "taper" to the 5% or even the 2.5%, but why mess with something that works? eusa_think.gif


Just a thought.




Fair points. smile.png


I feel like, whilst my skin is pretty much clear, it doesn't look that good (due to BP). I also feel that there will be long term side effects by using it, regardless of whether there is evidence of this or not (haven't researched it). I just want to be clear without having to use anything, only needing to wash my face 1x per day etc. That's how I would define being "clear". This BP situation is just like long-term antibiotic use for acne, relying on it only for the acne to return once you stop taking it. Except a topical/BP isn't as bad of a method, I guess.

#3381943 Can You "grow Out" Of Acne?

Posted by CookieJ on 11 September 2013 - 11:07 AM

My brother and Mum both had bad acne in their teens, and grew out of it. Hopefully I grow out of it soon (20 now).

#3379395 Paleo Diet 2013

Posted by CookieJ on 01 September 2013 - 04:33 AM

I did the Whole30 challenge 2 months ago and noticed a bit of a change in my skin when I did so. The Whole30 is purely paleo eating, and it ended up making my body look awesome! haha


It lessened the redness of my acne, I think, but didn't change the fact that I was still breaking out. I think my skin was also less dry while doing the Whole30 which could have been due to the amounts of fish and avocados I was eating. I don't eat chicken or beef, so it was a Pescetarian Paleo Whole30.


I'm pretty sure I'm lactose-sensitive or lactose-intolerant, too. Plain Greek yogurt doesn't give me any problems, but milk and ice cream kill my stomach so much. Ouch. I try to not consume very many sugars, either. Paleo is kind of fun to do, and I think that it's incredibly healthy, but can kind of make you go crazy. I think that a 90% Paleo diet with 10% "cheats" would be ideal. I lost about 5 lbs during those 30 days and looked really toned! I work out, so that also aided to that, but I could finally see my abs!


I think the same happened to me! It didn't necessarily cure me, but it improved the appearance of my skin due to less inflammation etc.

#3378214 How many of you outgrew acne?

Posted by CookieJ on 27 August 2013 - 04:45 AM

Some people will grow out of it, some people won't.


My brother - who is 3 years older than me - I remember he used to have pretty bad acne around 13-15 years old. He grew out of it around 16-17. He didn't/doesn't even have a special regimen. In fact, all he uses is water.


I'm going to be honest though. I think the fact that I've fallen back into using BP again means that it's going to take longer to grow out of it. I just think "what if I hadn't used a lot of harsh stuff? I might have grown out of it pretty fast". Now I'm sitting here, almost 20 years old, thinking it's never gonna go.


His acne will come back, just wait. Acne never goes away permanently, your brother is probably just in some type of spontaneous remission.


He's 23 now. He hasn't had acne for 6/7 years. His diet is terrible and so is his skin care routine. IIRC, my Mum had very bad acne as a teen too. She hasn't got it anymore.


There are plenty of people who grow out of it - including the ones who had it really bad. I know that some people don't grow out of it, but they're probably in the minority.