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Jono's BP Log > 24.10.13 - Approx 3 Months Later

Posted 24 October 2013

As of right now my face is 100% acne-free i.e. no active spots.

I still have redness, PIH and probably scars (especially on my sides), which may improve (or not) with time. But tbh, I no longer care :) I'm just so happy that my skin is better than it's ever been for several years, so this is good enough for me. It's already made a MASSIVE difference...

Jono's BP Log > 10/09/13

Posted 10 September 2013

The good news: My skin is 97.5% acne-free! I have a lot of PIH, though this should fade with time. I might take some pictures in a few days.
The bad news: I know for a fact that my acne will return if I stop using BP - even if I try to "taper" off of it. I also know for a fact I will break out if I let my diet become crappy. I've been experimenting...

Jono's BP Log > 22/08/13 - Improvements

Posted 22 August 2013

So I think it's been 2 weeks since I started using BP again. Things have improved by quite a bit, which is good news. Everytime it comes to taking pictures, I'm reluctant. But whatever, IDGAF anymore.
To be specific, the side views seem to have improved a lot. Front has improved too.
I've avoided doing my hair / putting anything in it becaus...

Jono's BP Log > 16/08/13

Posted 16 August 2013

I've decided that I'm going to take about a week off any sweat-inducing activities. I kinda need the rest anyways. I've been feeling rather burnt out lately. I was ultra careful in applying BP to my skin today. Nothing new to report on, except that I've realised I need to give it time. If I can keep my skin in this calm, non-inflamed condition withou...

Jono's BP Log > 15/08/13 - A New Beginning

Posted 15 August 2013

So I've (reluctantly) decided to make a blog and post pictures of my current acne situation. Apologies if they're blurry or slightly dark. They'll be better next time once I figure out how to take pictures on my own and find a better spot with consistent lighting. Also, I'd just woken up, so I looked terrible as it was... Anyway, hopefully things will imp...