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About Me

Hello, my name is Sara (as you could've guessed from my username haha)


Anyways I've decided to join Acne.org because I have always had pimples throughout my teenage life. I am currently 15 years old, turning 16 and I have come to a conclusion that I WILL and MUST get clear skin. This is not an option for me. This is who I want to be, and I'm going to set my mind straight on the final picture:


* I want to be able to take lots of photos without ever having to hide or worry about how my pimples might make me look unattractive when the photos get uploaded on facebook.

* I want to fall in love; be and feel confident around that special person. 

* I want people to compliment me on my clear skin WITHOUT make up.

* I want to be able to dance in front of an audience without having distractions thinking about pimples on my face and dance as if no one is watching.

* I want to be able to smile like I'm the happiest person in this world. 

* I want to be able to study my ass off during IB and keep my stress on the minor side, meaning I have to get rid of all my stress about my pimples.

* I want to accomplish something I have set my sight on. 

* I want to live my life to the fullest, look back and have no regrets <3


Now more about my pimples:

I would say I do not have the worst case acne/pimple problems compared to other people around the world however compared to my friends (who all mostly have flawless clear skin) I would say I'm on the down side :'(

I do get cysts pimples, but only when I push and squeeze pimples causing terrible irritation.

I get the most pimples around the center of my face, probably because that is where I can see my face most clearly in the mirror therefore I can detect pimples much more easily and therefore try to get rid of them in the wrong way. However when I get pimples on my cheeks, they can be really red and long lasting sometimes.

I get all ranges of pimples I think it's fair to say I have experienced them all (except those really extreme ones eg. all over their cheeks etc)



When I pop pimples, I would say the result would always be either hyperpigmentation, scabbing, or pit holes. However, in my experience, probably because I am young and my skin is capable of regenerating and repairing damaged areas, they all heal eventually. Even my really deep pit holes, I had like three on my face once which were really really terrible (for me at least) but between 4~8 months maybe longer but I can see drastic improvements and my pit holes are slowly starting to become more of a flat surface. All my acne scarring heals for me eventually (I don't keep track because I mean there's too many) but even my cystic pimple scars after I pop them also heal. 


My skin care history:

Long before I decided to actually take my parents' advice and the comments on yahoo.answers about how many times you should wash your face daily, I used to wash my face with soap everytime I saw even the tinest bit of shine due to the oils produced from my sebaceous glands (I could usually see the oil build up around my nose) However it has been 3 years and I have finally realized that that is actually really bad for your skin. It irritates the skin and triggers more oil production. I cannot stress this enough to other people who have acne/pimple problems out there.. ONLY WASH YOUR SKIN ONCE OR TWICE DAILY.

Anyways, after I figured out that that was my problem, I stopped washing my face so frequently and I saw drastic improvements. Then I realized afterwards that even though it's still mild soap, since my skin is or has become so sensitive (probably due to all the harsh chemicals I've used on my skin in the past) it's best if I just wash my skin with water. Then I see even more improvements! YESS! However here comes the trouble.




I will legit sit in front of my mirror for hours picking my pimples. Whether I use my nails, needles, or any other sharp pointy object. I know that sounds f***king disgusting and unhygienic but. I can't help it!


Also some time around my period due to my hormones, there are always certain time in a month where my pimples multiply and appear to be more obvious - so I can always be like "oh I have more pimples than usual = my period's coming soon"  


These are the problems I'm facing and hopefully through this website and through the support of others I can overcome this problem! 


Thanks for reading!! (I would actually be surprised if you've read all of that^ considering that it's really long) 


-Sara x




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