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iamdfag's Blog > Not Sure What Week *sarry

Posted 20 November 2013

Well its been more than two months since my last entry. Im sorry i almost completely forgot that i have a blog here. now that im back, i just want to share this best news for me that finally, im over with my neck acne! I survived! Now that i have acne free clear skin, i can now tie my hair up as much as i want too not caring if people will stare or not at...

iamdfag's Blog > Skin Update (Week 6)

Posted 25 September 2013

All pimples are flat.im still on my regimen and i wonder why the stingy feeling came back. My skin is so red because of the bp. But i think it stings bcause its effective. :)) im still positive of having clear skin. How bout you? ;)

K bye. Till next week !

iamdfag's Blog > Skin Update (Week 5)

Posted 18 September 2013

this is the start of my second month in the journey guys.

im so sad because my face, arms and neck got sunburn yesterday. because we had to shoot our school project under the heat of the sun :(

btw, heres my routine and the products that i use.

ponds facial wash (face & neck)
benzac Ac 5%(neck)
clean & clear oil free moisturiser (neck...

iamdfag's Blog > Skin Update (Week 4)

Posted 11 September 2013

Im sorry i havent posted yesterday coz the wifi got crazy. But anyways as promised, heres the pic of my progress after 1 month. :))

I know you cant tell huge improvement but honestly in person its really much better and my neck feels so much lighter unlike before. Right now the actual acne already dried up. Theyre all dead. But it left very visible acne...

iamdfag's Blog > Skin Update (Week 3)

Posted 03 September 2013

skin is slowly getting better. i dont feel huge bumps anymore when i touch it. in fact the huge acne i had just stayed for 3 days. The dryness is also slowly going away because i used horse raddish oil-free toner to moisturize my skin. I think my skin is now getting used to bp. Everything is healing slowly but surely. Im giving my skin 3 months to become...