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#3381965 Anyone Else Doing Low Candida Diet?

Posted by nikkimixam on 11 September 2013 - 01:44 PM

So, I started using grapeseed oil...napa valley naturals from whole foods.   Last. Night,  I put some on my chin and jawline only because that's where I broke out.   I'm still afraid to put it all over my face.   Anyone else use this?  I still use jojoba as well for the rest of my face. The brand for that is dessert essence. .. What does everyone else use?

#3380512 Anyone Taking A Multivitamin Or Vitamins That Seemed To Have Helped Acne?

Posted by nikkimixam on 04 September 2013 - 11:40 PM

WishClean - do you see an increase in breakouts/oiliness in your skin when you use multivitamins with those higher in those B vitamins?
I don't like most multivitamins for the same reason of tolerance and such. That one in particular is very pricy and contains Biotin (something I've been trying to avoid - just testing it out).
Jack - I'm sorry to hear that! Did you use too much of it? I know I have to slowly make my way up to the full dose of AHA. For me honey and / or green tea is really helpful in healing irritated skin. I try to maintain a good balance of natural and good-for-you chemicals. In the end AHA is the beeeeest for dark marks.
Nikki - Wonderful!! I don't know what it is about magnesium but I can tell that of all of my vitamins I purchased it is doing the most good. Even if my acne stays as is, I'll be happy with the high levels of energy and optimism I have at this very moment.

I think my acne may have a lot to do with my makeup. I don't know how to go to work without it, I work at a country club and they would probably drop their jaws in horror if I went bare-faced to work. I really need to find a perfect makeup (even if I end up having to make it myself!) and then I'll be set.
*** Right now I am on my second day of my Paula's Choice Clear (Regular Strength) Acne Two-Week Trial Kit ***
I must say I haven't seen any difference, but I don't expect to see much until the end of my bottles. I also bought a sample of her BHA 9 for my nose.
I have to say that for having salicylic acid (something that I thought once irritated the sh*t out of my skin) it hasn't irritated me at all. The BHA 9 also has oat kernel (I am gluten sensitive), but it hasn't caused me any issues either. I'm going to keep my blog updated. :)

Now that you mention it, I started limiting the amount of makeup I wear everyday and I think that is helping me as well! I wear probably a fourth of a dime size now.   I was wearing maybe a quarter size a month ago... Been using Revlon colorstay the past several months.   My skin hasn't been this great in forever.  Yeah,  my scars still show to an extent but so what!  I work at the estee lauder cosmetics counter and I don't care!  Haha. .I just kind of figured that since my body likes to detox through my face,  masking it with makeup would just make the zits worse and a lot bigger. After all, I never even had acne til I started wearing makeup!  Its just gotten worse and worse over the years since working at a cosmetics counter experimenting with everything.  You should try not wearing as much,  until you get down to none..see if it helps!  I cut down gradually and I'm noticing the improvements. But then again,  I also eat a lot less carbs than before and am doing a bunch of other things as well. Since I started almost everything at once,  I probably wouldn't be able to tell you what's working for me.   I'm very happy that my digestion has normalized though because I'm very sure that has a lot to do with everything!

#3380115 Anyone Taking A Multivitamin Or Vitamins That Seemed To Have Helped Acne?

Posted by nikkimixam on 03 September 2013 - 11:47 AM

I just started taking magnesium along with calcium. 400 mg of magnesium and 250 mg of calcium. I'm curious to see if what you are doing works!

So far so good!!! I don't know which of the vitamins are doing what they're doing but I'm glad I decided to take them. All I've heard is great things about magnesium. :) People rave about zinc as well.
In conjunction with the candida cleanse, manuka honey applied topically at night (and day - I'm wearing it under my makeup right now :P), and my gluten and dairy free diet, I can truthfully say I have never felt better.
And.. get this.. no active pimples! Oh I lied, there's one near my eyebrow haha. This is great timing seeing as it's my birthday today. ^_^
I'm not saying everyone should go the same route I did, or that it was easy. I had a lot of allergies, stomach problems, and stress in my life that needed to be taken care of before I reached this point.
How have you been feeling since taking the Magnesium, even if it hasn't been very long??

I was going to start taking magnesium too heard it can help balance your system..
Inositol powder, interesting. Not sure how good it is, but it sounds very good to me. need to read into it more though.
for example, you cant just start taking one thing and not knowing the other synergies, like, inositol depletes other vitamins and minerals so you would need to take those as well. same for NAC, you need to use it with vit C for better uptake, and also take magnesium. 

Oooooh I wasn't aware that inositol did that, thanks for the great tips! Do you think you would have to take a double dose of all the vitamins you take (or eat naturally) to make sure they're doing anything?

I'm loving the magnesium!  I have been sleeping much better.   My bowels have been normal ever since taking them.   I feel better in general!  How are things going for you?  How's your skin looking?

#3378941 Anyone Taking A Multivitamin Or Vitamins That Seemed To Have Helped Acne?

Posted by nikkimixam on 29 August 2013 - 10:01 PM

I just started taking magnesium along with calcium.  400 mg of magnesium and 250 mg of calcium.  I'm curious to see if what you are doing works!

#3377432 Diet And Acne. Compilation Of Studies.

Posted by nikkimixam on 23 August 2013 - 04:54 PM


I'm a serious weight-lifter and tried keto for a week (back when my acne as a pain in the a**). It was fun spamming meat, oil and other high fat foods. My acne clearedworkin, as well as the maas usejority of my oil production and I looked the leanest I'd ever looked in my life (Down from 10% to 8% caliper tested). Problem is, 2-3 days in, I crashed, hard and I felt like I was dying and I'm pretty sure I saw the light on more than a few occasions. This allowed me to discover that I'm not fat-adapted at all.
Now for the question. I only eat basmati rice as a carb source but if I were to cut this out, what could I eat? and how could I survive?. I mean surely eating fruits as your only carb source (I detest vegetables) would be worst than eating rice with meat, considering the fruit is a straight sugar shot, whereas the rice is always coupled with a form of protein (sometimes fat)?. Help a comrade out here D:

Yeah man, that's what happens on keto. You deplete glycogen and feel like shit, until your body adapts(2-3 weeks). You can do low carb 100-150g a day, is fine. You can aslo due keto low carb for 4 days, then refeed days for the following week of high carbs- stops the feeling like shit part. Instead of rice do sweet potoes or oatmeal.

Wow. That's quite impressive to say that least cool2.gif How's your acne doing on Paleo?ockquote>No acne.

I've taken about a month off from lifting to try and help clear my skin. Needless to say, my skin is sooo much better! I felt like i was overworking my body, so maybe i also needed to rest. So now i dont know whether my skin is improving because i eat almost no carbs, if its because im not working out anymore, because i started taking probiotics, drinking acv and juicing or what. I'm anxious to see if my acne will come back if I start lifting again and only eating a little bit of carbs postworkout.
Why am I picturing a girl curling 5 pound pink dumbbels? I doubt you were overworking your body. It could be the gym itself. Notorius for being a germ cesspool.
well, that was extremely rude and unnecessary.   Yeah I may not curl that much,  only 15 lbs at the moment,  but that really had nothing to do with anything.   I was lifting in the 6-8 rep range.  My body was continuously sore, even when I stretched as much as I should've.  I felt fatigued constantly from lifting for 6 months straight.  Took a week off and it didn't help.  Regardless,  extremely rude.  I gained 8 lbs in those 6 months with only an inch gain on my belly..I'm super proud of that considering I have a child.

#3376119 Diet And Acne. Compilation Of Studies.

Posted by nikkimixam on 19 August 2013 - 08:20 AM


Woah... That's some intense stuff up there ^^ haha! 
I  currently on a dairy, gluten, soy, and caffeine free diet. Most carbs I consume are complex carbohydrates (i.e. brown rice, buckwheat, etc.). I can't go on the Paleo diet (as much as I want to) because I am B12 deficient, anemic, plus I can't risk weight loss. Is my current diet in any way a substitute for going completely Paleo? I think cutting out dairy was a major component to help reduce inflammatory acne by itself. I'm sure my regimen and supplements don't hurt as well!

You can't be b12 defecient on Paleo, because of all the protein consumption. Unfortuentely, paleo states that grains, even complex ones, are bad for the body. Grains have evolved to try and not be eaten. They contain anti-nutrients and compounds which irritate our digestive system and cause low chronic inflammation. You can read books on this or look at studies.Grains have only become a staple of the human diet with the advent of the Agricultural Evolution. Prehistoric humans, which contain DNA equal to ours have survived on high fat-high protein diets with virtually no grain or dairy intake for millions of years. They have virtually no incidents of cancer, modern disease, and acne.
While, you're diet is certaintly better than eating french fries and donuts it is not completely Paleo and those carbs still affect insulin/nutrient uptake. Therefore, you will likely not experience the same level of results had you go on full paleo. If you still need carbs I suggest Oatmeal, Quinoa, and sweet potato(not white potato).
I've been paleo for almost two months now and my acne didn't start really improving Until I cut down on my sweet potato intake because that was the only starchy carb I was eating. I weight lift, so I was eating anywhere from 2-3 sweet potatoes a day to gain muscle. However, I cut it out for a couple of weeks to see if my skin would improve and it Did! I was only eating meats, healthy fats, low starchy veggies and the occasional strawberries. I tried eating another sweet potato twice this past week (one on monday and one on Thursday) and I got some minor under the skin bumps! On top of that, I got super bloated and was continuously burping for some time after AND I felt really sleepy. So, it seems like even sweet potatoes are out for me. I've read that even oats contain antinutrients and are gut irritating as well. I've tried reintroducing rice and got diarrhea for the entire day after. What's left for me to consume starchy carb wise for postworkout? Squash? It appears that any carb in general might not agree with me at this point. As for supplements, I'm currently taking cod liver oil, milk thistle extract, and a prenatal. I've also been extremely constipated so yesterday I started taking triphala and am going to drink some physillium husk. I still have yet to go to the restroom. We will see what happens!

Also wanted to add that on top of paleo, I've also been doing the autoimmune protocol which means no eggs, nuts, seeds, alcohol, NSAIDS and nightshades. I tried adding cayenne pepper in yesterday. My stomach didn't feel upset or anything so ill just have to wait several days to see if I break out from it as I heard there can be delayed reactions.
Paleo experts write in books for recommending paleo for athletes advocate sweet potatoes (as they are somehow paleo, while white potato isn't). If you can't tolerate that then just get your carbs from fruits and veggies. More bananas, peaches, apples, ect. Squash, cucumbers, mushrooms... I would avoid milk thistle. Don't worry to much about supplementation. High veggie/fruit diet contains many times the RDA values for minerals and vitamins. I, also, personally use Almond milk as a dairy substitute.

I've read in my paleo book,  "It Starts with Food," that carbs from fruits aren't suitable postworkout because they refuel the liver,  not the muscles so therefore they shouldn't be consumed postworkout because your muscles did the work,  not your liver.   That book also suggest that a sweet potato and some protein is ideal postworkout. So therefore, im screwed. Haha...why do you suggest i stop the milk thistle? I also forgot to mention that i drink about a tsp of apple cider vinegar with each meal as well and apply it topically. Seems to be helping some.