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In Topic: Acne Prone Skin/sebum Deficient In Linoleic Acid, Possible Topical Solution

11 October 2013 - 12:57 PM

Another way to boost ceramides in the skin, in this article primarily about gut flora but includes info on topical probiotic use:

Streptococcus thermophilus, a species found in most yogurts, can increase ceramide production when applied to the skin for 7 days as a cream [58]. This work, which has since been replicated [59,60], is of relevance to acne, particularly when considering that some of the ceramide sphingolipids, most notably phytosphingosine (PS), provide both antimicrobial activity againstPropionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) and direct anti-inflammatory activity [61]. Sphingolipids have been noted to be low in acne [62], and the seasonal loss of ceramides may be a driving force behind much higher dermatological office visits for acne during winter months [63]. Indeed, topical application of 0.2% PS reduced papules and pustules by 89% in a recent 2-month pilot study [61].


is  there a  specific  brand of  yogurt  you  recommend?

In Topic: Candida Diet Helped My Acne

23 September 2013 - 11:56 AM

Just wanted to post this because it might help someone.. I've been struggling with bad skin for 2-3 years and nothing has worked. Recently started taking Estelle birth control for acne which didn't help me much, I was still suffering with break outs all along my jawline an chin and couldn't work out why. I saw an article on candida being linked to acne so I tried the candida diet which I've been doing for two weeks and have noticed a big difference in my skin. First four days were hard adjusting to eating no yeast, wheat, dairy or sugar but it became easier. Initially I broke out because of the diet change but now at week two I've only got one new pimple on my chin which is a massive improvement. I haven't been super strict on the diet I've had small things here an there that are forbidden but so far it's working! Hopefully this helps someone :)

This way of eating has helped me too! I've been terrible these past fewdays and my skin has been paying for it!! May I ask if you are taking any supplements? What are you using topically?

In Topic: My Case History Showing The Relationship Between Acne And High Blood Sugar Foods

20 September 2013 - 07:48 AM

I've started taking 400 mcg of chromium,  but I do every other day.  Not sure if this has had an effect yet as its only been about a week.  I know my skin Was cclearing up beautifully a few weeks ago when I was eating very low carbs.  Then comes birthday after birthday and I end up going out,  drinking and eating all sorts of junk.  Very next day,  two cystic zits and a bunch of other ones!! Because I ate/drank so many different things,  its hard to tell if I broke out because my blood sugar spiked or because of a food sensitivity.   I did take chromium  the day I went out and went crazy on my diet so idk... but congratulations! !

In Topic: Omega 3, 6, and 9 Fatty Acids

05 September 2013 - 08:06 AM

QUOTE(anony12 @ Feb 24 2007, 02:36 PM) View Post
i used to have really oily skin until i started taking omega 3's as well. i started out with flax and have switched to fish oil since

flax does not have epa or dha which are potent acne fighters, plus it contains oleic acid(omega 9) and linoleic acid(omega 6) linoliec acid is really bad for acne.

fish oil is absolutely perfect for what our bodys need.

I read that flax oil has the perfect 3 to 6 omega ratio.   One of the more superior oils.  Is this not correct? ?

In Topic: Natural Acne Cure- So Simple You Won`t Believe

03 September 2013 - 08:28 AM

I am new to this website and the only reason I signed up was because I wanted to share with everyone that suffers from mild to moderate acne, what has worked for me and completely gotten rid of my acne. Like many of you, I was on the acne.org regimen and had some success but after a while my acne came back and the regimen was no longer enough and the BP had severely dried out my skin. I am here to tell you that there is a NATURAL solution. First you have to understand what causes most adult acne, and it all starts with the liver.
The liver is responsible for basically cleaning the blood and when there are impurities, it tends to push them to the skin and as well throw off your hormone level, leading to over production of sebum oil. While it may be hard to believe, you have to start treating the cause (an unhealthy system) and not the symptom (which is the acne). Acne is a symptom, it is your body try to get to equilibrium and trying to get rid of impurities. BP treats a symptom and not the cause of your acne. Here is what worked for me. I will start with the diet and then facial regimen. I dare anyone to try this for just 2 weeks and tell me what you think. You have nothing to lose. Take action today.
TO Start: STOP everything you are doing and go to a GNC or Health Store and buy a liver/colon cleanse and begin taking it tomorrow. Be sure to follow the instructions to the letter

  • ELIMINATE ALL diary/ lactose in your diet (includes milk, cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, Ice cream,... etc), if you go gym check to make sure your protein powder is lactose free (I use Nutrabio).
  • Eliminate gluten from diet
  • Eliminate all processed sugars
  • Reduce Alcohol consumption if you drink often
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day
  • Eat several servings of fruit and vegetable per day
  • Take a multivitamin and extra Vit C supp (1000 mg, this will help with collagen renewal and get rid of old scars/ hyperpigmentation)
  • Last but not least: Buy Bragg Organic-Raw and Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) with "Mothers" and follow directions below: This is a natural daily tonic for the body after you finish your cleanse
Mix 2 teaspoons of ACV (always shake bottle before serving), 1 teaspoon of Raw Unfiltered Honey (http://www.ysorganic.com/) with warm water and drink 3 times daily on an empty stomach. 
Note: always rinse or brush teeth after drink ACV because the acid from the vinegar is not good for your teeth enamel.
Facial Regimen:
Natural Toner: Mix 1 part ACV and 4 parts filtered water (store in glass bottle, I use a Voss water bottle). ACV resets the natural PH of the skin, making it difficult for bacteria to live on the surface of the skin.
Daily Face Mask/Scrub: Mix 3 part Raw unfiltered honey with 1 part cinnamon powder (make enough to store for a few weeks). You may need to place the honey in a glass dish and microwave for a few seconds OR place glass dish in another bowl of warm water to melt a bit. Do not over heat as that will kill the natural enzymes in the RAW honey.
  • Wash face with mild face wash
  • Pat dry (never rub)
  • With cotton balls, apply Natural Toner and leave for 10 mins
  • Rinse with cold water and pat dry again
  • Wait about 5-10 mins until face is total dry and apply a facial moisturizer with SPF 15
  • Wash face with mild face wash
  • Pat dry (never rub)
  • Rinse with cold water and pat dry again
  • Apply Facial Mask and leave for 15-30mins
  • Slightly wet hands with warm water and gently in a circular motion use as a scrub
  • Rinse the rest off with cold water and pat dry
  • After 5-10 mins: Apply night cream 
Note: I go gym at lunch time which forces me to wash my face 3 times a day. Sweating pushes dead skin cells and impurities to the surface of the skin. If this is the case for you as well, you should switch the face mask/ scrub to after your workout and apply the toner at night as well
My goal with this is to get people to stop using all these harsh chemicals that ultimately damage the skin in the long run. Your body was meant to function at its highest level and the only way to do that is with a good diet and healthy facial care.
Say Goodbye to ACNE and Hello to Beautiful Natural Skin
I'm just wondering, do you have before and after pictures of your acne? How is your digestion?
Hi, never took any before pics but I can tell you that my acne activity is 95% gone with the occasional 1 or 2 blackheads popping up. Right now I am working on getting rid of the marks left behind from old acne. One of the biggest things I noticed was getting rid or lactose/ dairy products in my diet, the change is almost immediate.
I have not had any digestion problems, if anything it has probably gotten better because I don`t eat dairy products anymore.
Give it a try, what do you have to lose, everything I recommended is all natural anyway. No chemicals, just eating right and treating your skin good. You can do your own research on everything I recommended and see that they are good for the skin

Is your skin still improving?  Do you store the acv toner in the fridge?  How long does it last?  Also, since youre not eating refined carbs,  are you eating other carbs such as sweet potatoes, rice,  etc?