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Vitamin A Deficiency As The Cause Of Acne (Hypothesis)

14 January 2014 - 05:11 PM

So here are the similarities between accutane and vitamin A:

1. Similar molecular structure.

(Vitamin A)

2. Nearly identical efficacy in treating cystic acne. (At their respective doses.)
<put study links here>
3. Both share many of the same side effects such as: birth defects, dry skin, depression. <sources>

One must ask themselves. If taking a certain amount of an essential vitamin shows a statistically significant reduction in the illness, wouldn't the cause be referred to as a deficiency?

Tackling Acne On Every Level = Clear Skin?

05 September 2013 - 11:45 AM

In the past few days my face has been clearing up AMAZINGLY. I've only been taking the saw palmetto supplement for 2 days, so it might not be that. Basically my new method it to tackle acne on every level.


For maintaining hygiene, I am using a Salicylic Acid based topical once every night.

For fighting bacteria, I am using topical Clindamycin twice a day.

For regulating hormones, I am taking a supplement containing Saw Palmetto and other hormone regulating herbs.

For regulating PPAR, I am taking Sesamin.


Am I doing this right? I have been clearing up tons the past few days but it may just be because I started Clindamycin. Has anyone else tried to beat acne by tackling it at every level?

My Breakouts Are In Patterns. Can Men Get Hormonal Acne?

04 September 2013 - 08:23 AM

So I break out about once a week. In between then I usually get very few pimples. It's almost alway on the 5-7 day mark I will have another breakout. My question is, is hormonal acne even possible in men? I only see women having success in fixing hormones to treat acne on this forum.


Would Saw Palmetto help at all?