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#3380377 My Breakouts Are In Patterns. Can Men Get Hormonal Acne?

Posted by RobustMist on 04 September 2013 - 11:54 AM

Yes men can have hormonal acne. For men though are hormones shouldnt fluctuate in a pattern like women. If one of your hormone levels is off its usually constantly off for men. The reason you dont see men treating acne with hormonal treatments is because there are not really any safe for men to use. Ex birth control and sprio. Saw P. is safe to try for men.

Thanks for your input. However, men do have hormonal fluctuations:


(Edited in another quote)

There is also research to suggest that women aren’t the only ones with hormonal cycles that affect behavior: Men’s testosterone appears to cycle throughout the day, month, and possibly even the seasons, affecting their moods and sexual desire. Also, drops in testosterone with age may trigger something of a male menopause, or “andropause.” Yet another source of debate is the degree to which hormones may respond to people’s sexual behavior, versus directly influencing it.


Men also have monthly hormonal cycles, though there are some interesting differences and similarities between women’s and men’s cycles. Women’s monthly cycles are more predictable and synchronous. Women who live in close proximity find that their monthly cycles begin to align. Men’s cycles seem to be more unpredictable and individual. A study of young men showed that the majority had a discernible cycle of testosterone with repeating rises and falls, but each man who did show a cycle had a cycle unique to himself.