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#3486745 Scarless Healing

Posted by cycloverid on 04 July 2015 - 03:57 PM

While the tests were a success at achieving scarless results, they were done on 6 week old rats, or the equivalent of 5 year old humans.  They have yet to prove that this works on adults.

I've found the paper:

It describes exactly what settings they used!
"The figure shows the electro-thermal model when the applied PEF protocol was 500 V, 70 μs pulse duration, and 200 pulses delivered at 3 Hz."

In the paper they mention that they need to make changes to the machine. "However translation of the method to humans will require further studies and device development, in which pain reduction is necessary"

At the end of the paper they claim: "Our results suggest that PEF can significantly improve skin function and rejuvenation."

That's awesome!

#3486015 Scarless Healing

Posted by cycloverid on 27 June 2015 - 02:30 PM

Here's another article about electrical currents regenerating skin:


“You stick your finger in a fire, you burn it and get a scar. With this you don’t end up with scarring,” said Dr. Martin Yarmuch, director of the MGH Center for Engineering in Medicine and one of the researchers. “That’s the key here. From an academic standpoint, it’s interesting to observe it. From an application standpoint, you get scar-less results.”

Specifically the technology is called 'pulsed electrical fields' for anyone interested.

I've never seen a study this optimistic about electricity being used for scarring. Add this to the growing list of treatments that would be non-invasive, probably very cheap, and with the potential to heal skin without scarring. I'm going to look up the paper that this article refers to.

Here's a quote on the same story, different article: (http://www.massgener...se.aspx?id=1822)
"Our results show that the procedure is safe, does not lead to scarring and increases skin metabolism and cell proliferation,” says Martin Yarmush, MD, PhD, director of the MGH Center for Engineering in Medicine and corresponding author of the paper. “We now need to investigate the impact of PEF treatment on aged skin, as well as on skin with other forms of damage, and we are looking for funding to help us design, build and test a device for clinical application.”

I hope someone funds them :)

#3485203 Scarless Healing

Posted by cycloverid on 20 June 2015 - 09:21 PM

You're pretty much spot on Vladislav. If you read this recent article, they've identified the cell responsible for scarring, a cell called engrailed positive fibroblasts:


The EPF cells are clearly responsible for the vast majority of scarring," said Longaker. Complete healing in the diphtheria-toxin-treated wounds required an additional six days compared to controls, but much of the repaired skin looked and appeared to function normally. In contrast, scarred skin is frequently less flexible and weaker than uninjured skin.

The researcher, Michael Longaker, says:
"I've been obsessed with scarring for 25 years, now we're bringing together the fields of wound healing and tumor development in remarkable new ways. It's incredibly exciting."

So you're on the money. This researcher has been working non-stop on scarring for the last 25 years, right in the middle of your 20-30 year margin. Most importantly, the researcher affirms that it's an exciting time. :)

#3484696 Scarless Healing

Posted by cycloverid on 16 June 2015 - 07:25 PM

This article is interesting if any of it is true:


Our experiment shows the possibility of taking mature cells and, with addition of HIF-1a, causing dedifferentiation to a highly immature state where the cells can proliferate, followed by redifferentiation upon withdrawal of HIF-1a,” says Heber-Katz. “Many researchers in the field see tissue regeneration as a very complex set of events, but some of us look at it more as a process that needs to be turned on and allowed to go to completion. This is what is so exciting about what we saw with drug-induced stabilization of HIF-1a

Here's another:

This is mildly exciting actually: Taking a pill that catalyzes tissue regeneration without the need for invasive surgery? Sign me up!

#3483862 Scarless Healing

Posted by cycloverid on 09 June 2015 - 07:32 AM

...An injectable that is supposed to promote regeneration. And this one is specifically targeted at skin. They also compare it to hydrogel but I assume this is not the same one that Gemstone is working on. Like hydrogel it looks to be easy to derive chemically.

"The geometry of the MAP gel networks entices cells to migrate into the gel without the need for anything other than a cell adhesive peptide, so that the cells can grab onto the gels."


#3483400 Scarless Healing

Posted by cycloverid on 04 June 2015 - 09:41 PM

One step closer:


The researcher says it's at least a decade before human limbs are ready for testing, but that's still great news.... This is the entire limb after all; bone, blood vessels, tendons, muscles...

#3476003 Scarless Healing

Posted by cycloverid on 26 March 2015 - 02:46 PM

What about nanoparticles?





The nanoparticles with their siRNA cargoes were then tested by topically applying them to mice with either skin excisions or burns. In both cases, the wounds closed more than twice as fast as in untreated controls. "Not only did the cells move into the wounds faster, but they knew what to do when they got there," said Dr. Sharp. "We saw normal, well-orchestrated regeneration of tissue, including hair follicles and the skin's supportive collagen network."


They are moving to pig trials soon too:

"Dr. Sharp plans to start testing the therapy on pigs, whose skin closely resembles that of humans, within months."

#3475240 Acne Scars And Genetic Predisposition?

Posted by cycloverid on 19 March 2015 - 06:15 AM

Missamua,  you are speaking the TRUTH.  I'm all for natural living, but I have noticed the exact same thing with these health / holistic  super militant, vegan types who ALWAYS exaggerate their supposed health issues.  


What I think is happening is that

1) these people want to push an agenda and exaggerate to build a more convincing case for their world view

2) They attract a particular kind of person that is distrustful of the medical community at large


Theses are the same kinds of people who refuse to have their children be vaccinated because of unproven fears of health problems like Autism.  They are super militant and just attack anyone that asks them to back up their claims with cold, hard empirical evidence.  

   Yes.... those militant Vegans.... very dangerous for the world!!





Misinformation can be dangerous and really shouldn't be taken lightly. Look at the anti-vaccer movement, global warming denouncers or any religious movement, etc, etc, etc. We should always strive to apply science to everything we do and eliminate ignorance and misinformation.

#3467275 Scarless Healing

Posted by cycloverid on 09 January 2015 - 07:58 AM

Anyone who hasn't read this article yet should do so immediately:




It's an older story (2013), but this particular site just posted it now which prompted me to relay it to you.


It's well-written, a fun story to read, and has some amazing insights into what the future may hold for regeneration. The researcher, named Michael Levin, has been studying how electrical signals can be used to tell the body to start regenerating limbs and organs. So far he has only been able to get it to work on frogs, but the article states that his next project, which he is supposedly working on last year to current, is testing mammals - starting with mice. The initial test they are conducting is attempting to regenerate a mouse's digits completely after they have been cut off.

#3467114 Scarless Healing

Posted by cycloverid on 08 January 2015 - 02:52 AM

I've tried Co2 ablative and it caused some serious problems. I've also tried 4 fraxel restores, 4 repairs, and 4 rounds of subcision. 


I'm wary of try-it-yourself solutions as I could just make things worse. Also, I'm not sure they're more effective than what I listed above.

#3460087 Scarless Healing

Posted by cycloverid on 16 November 2014 - 07:25 AM

Actually it is injectable..

Atrophic scar equals missing flesh

Just inject something like dextran hydrogel and be done with it

Why do we need to excise something if its already sunken?

Just my opinion btw


Your opinion doesn't matter in this case because the literature is out there and it simply doesn't work the way you describe.

#3450330 Scarless Healing

Posted by cycloverid on 03 September 2014 - 01:48 AM

Here is another recent wound healing article:



This one is interesting because it allegedly treats the following (listed in the link):

  • burn wounds,
  • split-thickness skin graft donor site wounds,
  • aesthetic treatment wounds (caused e.g. by dermabrasia ablative laser, deep chemical peel),
  • radiation wounds,
  • skin lesions caused by toxic epidermal necrolysis and
  • skin lesions caused by genetic diseases such as epidermolysis bullosa.

So it looks like they're maybe aiming for post-laser, post-dermabrasion application which is somewhat exciting.


This article is also interesting if you're into general regenerative medicine:


#3446623 Scarless Healing

Posted by cycloverid on 11 August 2014 - 04:41 AM

This particular discovery was in the news a few months ago, but here's a new article on it: 



It's called LLLT low-level light therapy (also referred to as photobiomodulation - PBM). They were able to get dentin in teeth to regrow, and they are talking about it possibly working on the skin.


Here's the pertinent quotation: 

"The research promises a broad range of clinical applications in restorative dentistry and regenerative medicine, including wound healing and bone growth. And it hints at dramatic changes for dentistry and other disciplines."


Just thought I'd share some promising news since there's no word about Dextran Hydrogel.

#3442136 Scarless Healing

Posted by cycloverid on 18 July 2014 - 04:00 PM

#3430266 Scarless Healing

Posted by cycloverid on 05 May 2014 - 07:51 PM