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Today, 09:11 AM

Dont worry its within 20 years mark


Something big will come in less than 10 years with the way things are (exponentially) advancing. We live in exciting times.

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Today, 06:04 AM

Scars are not skin, you can get scars in almost any part of the body, liver, lungs, skin etc. If the damage is deep enough the organ can not regenerate and the body creates a scar. Dextran hydrogel is a scaffolding that helps the body to create new skin instead of scar tissue.Actually is a kind of ECM that mimics the embryonic skin niche for intact skin regeneration.http://www.jscimedce...tive-2-1007.php

What is your ETA for hydrogel? Do you think that it will come soon? Angiogenic healing sounds crazy, and how can hydrogel facilitate the growth of specialized skin cells onto one area?


Earlier this year they were talking about starting human trials possibly by the end of the year. That is definitely too early given that we've heard nothing from them since they reported about it earlier this year.

They also said that the pig tests should finish by the summer. That could have happened (given the care needed to properly peer review the findings), but it's radio silence about that too.


Nobody knows anything for certain atm. It could be that they are being really careful and being quiet, or some complication emerged, or that it doesn't work -- but they seemed optimistic last time they spoke about it.


I'd say if we're lucky, 2-5 years from now, if at all.

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Yesterday, 08:44 AM

Another stem cell article (two links for the same finding), sounds promising but likely sensationalized:





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08 October 2014 - 09:40 PM

Regrowing skin using stem cells:



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29 September 2014 - 01:53 AM

This is basic hypoxia study, nothing to do with the wound healing, let alone application potential


I'm aware, it's just insight on what they're doing, just in case anyone was interested.