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#3390624 Dairy

Posted by flowerchild94 on 25 October 2013 - 01:35 PM

Many people here have noticed this, including me. Unfortunately even the smallest amount of cheese breaks me out with nodules and basically this is the reason i can't follow this diet anymore. You could try probiotics to replace your gut bacteria and digestive enzymes but i have no experience with them.

Thanks for the reply! I noticed your signature says that you've had success with Spironolactone and that you had no need for a special diet while on it. Does this mean you were able to eat cheese without breaking out? I'm on 25 mg once a day right now, and I've been on it for a few weeks...I was hoping that maybe once my hormones balance out dairy wouldn't affect me anymore. I understand it will take a while to see consistent results with this medication however...

i used to think that dairy caused my acne, yet when i eat clarified butter (ghee) i don't have any issues. maybe it's how the dairy is processed? not sure, but i was kind of giddy to find that i could consume ghee and not have any cystic acne situations.

Thanks! I'll look into that. I do have coffee creamer everyday which has one milk ingredient in it, and I also wonder if it has something to do with the way the dairy is processed. Some foods with milk ingredients don't seem to affect me much...so maybe I'll have to do some more experimenting :)