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Sore/red Eye On Accutane?

17 January 2015 - 05:29 AM

Hey guys so I've been on accutane 40mg for the past 5 months, I still have a couple months to go I think. So far unbelievable results and minor side effects (I'm lucky).
However the side effects are annoying dry lips, nose, eyes but manageable until now.
My eyes are so dry, I put drops in and avoid makeup but still. One eye in particular. My eyes sting and are bloodshot, not a great look!
Anyone else experienced this and have tips at all?

27/f Starting Accutane For Mild/persistent Cystic Acne

13 August 2014 - 11:12 AM

Hey guys,
Brief intro as my story is like 99% of the ones I read on this forum.
27/F, I've had mild but persistent cystic acne since my early twenties, tried over the counter stuff, all kinds of antibiotics, all kinds of topicals, birth control, change of diet, you name it.
Birth control (dianette) is what's worked best hands down for me but I still get painful cysts monthly and also I can't stay on the pill forever as I'd like to have kids someday!
I am absolutely TERRIFIED about taking this drug after reading all the horror stories and especially since I suffer from depression (I'm on Citalopram/Celexa 20mg), but acne has been a main factor in my depression so it's a risk I'm willing to take if it can cure my acne it would change my life!
Acne has completely destroyed my self esteem and I have really high hopes.
I am starting on 20mg of Accutane every other day for the first 2 weeks and then 20mg daily. I've also been prescribed Erythromycin for the first month (antibiotic to help with initial breakout).
If anyone wants to support me while I go through this, share thoughts, etc then I'd love that and I'd support you right back!
Good luck to everyone also taking Accutane :-)

Guys With Acne Can Be Very Sexy!

13 August 2014 - 03:14 AM

Hey guys
I see so many posts on here about people feeling ugly and unloveable because of their acne.
I'm 27 and only started having bad acne around age 21 (just about to start accutane), anyway I just wanted to say that in my life two of my biggest ever crushes were on guys who had severe acne (all over). I totally had the hots for them. One eventually became my boyfriend (I did not have acne at the time) and the other turned me down as he was gay but we are good friends to this day.
Also, when I was 14 I was in love with this guy from my school and my skin was flawless, people always commented on how perfect it was, well, he never showed any interest in me and ended up dating this girl whose acne was so bad and he was nuts about her. I'd also like to point out that she wasn't in any way prettier than me either so this says a lot.
Just thought I'd share my experience to show you guys that you can have acne and be attractive and loved!
Keep your heads up!!!

Last Resort Accutane

11 August 2014 - 10:49 AM

Hey guys,
I'm 27 and have been suffering from cystic acne off and onsince around age 21.
Last year was my worst year and I tried every possible thing available prescription and over the counter but had no luck.
I've been on Dianette for the past 10 months and although it has improved the general look of my skin, reduced oiliness and regular pimples, I still get painful cysts monthly. And anyway I can't stay on birth control forever if I want to ever have kids and I do.
After wasting yet another week of my life hiding indoors with horribly painful cysts, I've decided to give in and ask for accutane.
It was offered to me last year but I decided against it due to horror stories read online.
Now I've decided to go for it. I don't want to waste more of my life suffering physically and emotionally from this.
I'm seeing my dermatologist tomorrow, hoping he will still be happy to prescribe it to me.
I know it's a long process so probably wouldn't be starting it for a few weeks but I was wondering if any of you had any advice or stories to share?
Also my acne is severe in itself (cystic) but I mean I only get maybe 1 or 2 cysts a month, will accutane help anyway?
I'm very scared of this drug, I didn't want to go on it but I just can't live like this anymore.

Hormonal Adult Acne Must-Read (Long Post)

27 June 2014 - 09:04 PM

Hey guys,
This is my story...
I'm 27 and I have been battling acne since about age 20 (came out of nowhere although I suspect stress or genes or stopping birth control).
I would get spots every now and again (very mild, like any other person) but also very big, red, painful cysts and those were the problem.
They didn't cover my face, I'd get about one a month or so but they were so unsightly, PAINFUL, impossible to cover up and I'd always pick at them until I'd get a huge scab!
Anyway they'd come monthly or so, so I could live with that, even if very frustrating/depressing.
However last year I had anorexia for a few months after a very stressful time and lost loads of weight, I also started exercising excessively. My period stopped.
Then came the proper acne, I was covered, it was awful, I'd breakout daily without fail and my confidence was at an all time low, so bad that I wouldn't socialise anymore and started self harming.
Fast forward a year and I'm completely clear and happy again!
This is what happened:
At first I tried topicals (prescription and over the counter), antibiotics, changes in diet, putting on weight, stopping exercising, relaxation, you name it. Nothing worked, I started considering accutane although I was reluctant and would only take it as a last resort.
Dianette (which is a birth control pill) saved my life. I honestly had no hope and was so completely depressed, even suicidal, started taking it in mid-September 2013 and now a year on I'm completely clear. I didn't start seeing real results until around January, so about 4-5 months into treatment.
I also have a easy but strict skin care routine which has worked for me.
I don't wash my skin (too harsh), I use a salicylic acid based toner upon waking up (applied with cotton wool), then apply LaRoche Posay's Effaclar Duo on my problem areas (honestly best product out there in my opinion and many agree), I do not use any kind of makeup on my problem areas (for me that is my chin, upper lip and around my mouth), and when u want to cover any redness or a small blemish I use Witch's liquid concealer which treats the skin as it covers the imperfection. It is oil free and very gentle - truly amazing.
I never touch my skin during the day.
At night I remove makeup with Simple's cleansing lotion, then apply the salicylic acid based toner again and put a dab of Effaclar duo on my problem areas again. And voila!
I haven't had a single spot in months.

Here are things I've learned whilst dealing with hormonal acne (NB: worked for me, might work for you, might not):
FOOD HAS ZERO IMPACT ON HORMONAL ACNE! Most dermatologists will tell you this too. Ok sure eating a good, balanced diet rich in vegetables will give you a nice glow and will help heal lesions faster but it will not help acne in any way.
DO NOT USE HARSH TOPICALS ON YOUR SKIN! Benzoyl Peroxide, Differin, Epiduo, that stuff won't work if your acne is hormonal, mine was made so much worse, irritated my skin too.
YOUR ACNE MIGHT STILL BE HORMONAL EVEN IF YOUR HORMONE LEVELS ARE NORMAL IN A BLOOD TEST! My acne clearly is hormonal as only a hormonal treatment (birth control) worked. However several blood tests showed all my hormone levels to be normal.
NO ONE NOTICES OR CARES ABOUT YOUR ACNE HALF AS MUCH AS YOU DO! Ok this is no real comfort when you have acne but trust me on this. Also you can find love and be fancied with acne. I got with my ex when my acne was at it's worst and that's when he fell in love with me, he couldn't have cared less about my acne. We have split up since after 1 year together but I ended the relationship.
DONT PICK YOUR SKIN! Easier said than done but it's honestly the worst thing you can do, nothing good comes out if this, ever.
DONT MIRROR-CHECK! It's very time consuming and reminding yourself you have acne every half an hour will not make you feel better, will it? It will make you worse.
YOURE NOT ALONE! This website was a tremendous help when my acne was at it's worst and I made some great friends too!!!
IT WONT LAST FOREVER! I honestly thought it'd never go away, I was at my wit's end, but then something works. It does happen and will happen to you! In the meantime, read, watch movies, enjoy spending time in nature or with animals. Most humans are so disappointing, you're not missing much and anyway once you feel at ease socially, you'll make up for lost time (although to me, spending time alone reflecting and learning is never "lost time").
STAY POSITIVE! Smile, even when you're dying inside, do things you enjoy even if you don't feel like it, see friends who you know love you and confide in them, never lose hope. I know how challenging and awful acne is but it won't last forever.
GO ON BIRTH CONTROL AND STICK WITH IT FOR AT LEAST A YEAR!!! If you have hormonal acne, try birth control, after all it has helped millions of women! But don't expect it to work overnight, again it took nearly six months to work for me and it did get worse before it got better!

I hope all this was useful to you!
Good luck and take care of yourselves.