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In Topic: How To Get Rid Of Huge Pimple?

01 August 2013 - 01:55 PM

On occasion I've gotten good results from an aspirin paste that I made from dissolving an aspirin in water until it forms a thick paste.

I'll dissolve many of them in a dish or for just one I'll hold it under the water until the coating comes off and then hold in in the palm of my hand as I add drops of water to it Adding a tiny bit of moisturizer will prevent it from drying up as fast and crumbling off. Don't get it in your eyes because it burns and if you have pets, be sure to not allow them to lick your face or lick any of it if it crumbles off your face and falls on your lap/floor/etc.  Aspirin is toxic to dogs and cats. 

"Aspirin contains acetylsalicylic acid and is commonly used to treat minor aches and pains. Aspirin can also be used like an anti-inflammatory agent like other acne medicines however aspirin will not dry out skin as much"1


I leave it on for 15-20 minutes.  Before I rinse it off, I add a little more water and use what's on my face as an exfoliant.  It reduces redness and swelling plus it dries it out a little but leaves the skin very smooth and soft.


I've also gotten good results from dabbing vinegar but I like pure aloe gel the most because of its natural healing properties. "  Aloe has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties thus cleansing your skin of all filth and bacteria."2  I keep a leaf of aloe, cut up into one inch slices in the fridge so that it's nice and cold when I remove the outer part to use the inner gel. 


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In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

31 July 2013 - 04:20 PM

Buy an aloe plant and use the sticky gel inside the leaves for your skin and hair. It works wonders and the smell goes away so don't worry about that. It's also good for reducing wrinkles.  There's loads of info online and at youtube showing detailed ways of using the aloe. In my experience, the commercial aloe gels have too many additional chems added to them. 

Dry mouth leads to more cavities, gingivitis, and overall tooth and gum decay. Biotene has mouthwash, gels and sprays to help with dry mouth.  I've always used just a little bit of vaseline on the inside of my nose to help with the dryness that causes my bloody noses. 

I play brain games or memory games to keep my mind sharp.  Games actually do stimulate your brain, they aren't just for fun.

last but not least, medicinal marijuana (where legal) can help reduce your anxiety (sativas promote social behavior and stimulate your creative mind but indicas will bring you down, reduce your desire to interact but will aid in sleep and reduce pain) but it will also cause your mouth to be dry so keep some sugar free hard candies or that Biotene mouth gel handy. 


Good luck to you

In Topic: How Many People Have Had A Relapse And Taken Accutane Twice Or More?

31 July 2013 - 03:56 PM

I didn't sweat for 15 years but now the sweat pours out of me in buckets. Also, my skin no longer has the oil it should and so now my skin looks a lot more wrinkled and older than others my age even though I've stayed out of the sun.  I now do everything i can to avoid getting hot because whenever I sweat a lot I usually break out really bad afterwards with big, cyst like formations that when popped, a foul smelling, watery liquid drains out. I now get acne everywhere I sweat, especially on my scalp which is covered by my hair but is extremely painful to shampoo.  Also, my dentist informed me that dry mouth is the reason for getting so many cavities and why my enamel is so brittle that it easily chips off. 


If I could do it all over again, I would not have taken Accutane twice or even once. 


But, if you insist on taking it, be sure to follow all of the precautions. In my experience, CARMEX lip balm works the best because it actually dissolves the dried, dead layers. Before you get out of the shower, be sure to rub your lips with a towel because the heat of the shower combined with the Carmex will allow the layers of dried skin on your lips to easily be rubbed off. For your face, don't ever rub but buy an aloe plant and use the sticky gel inside the leaves to softly pat on your face.  Commercial products usually have so many other chemicals in them that it causes burning and stinging. For women, get k-y or sex will not be enjoyable. Coco Butter moisturizers and emulsions work better than regular moisturizers. Keri was my favorite moisturizer, it costs more but it's worth it.  Get dry eye visine because even your eyes will dry up.  If your hands look like they're shedding layers of skin and if they get so dry that they crack and bleed, you can apply vaseline to them at night and then wear latex gloves to retain the moisture while you sleep.  During the day, apply KERODEX #71 WET WORK SKIN PROTECTANT, it forms a seal around your hands so that they don't suffer from the dryness so much and hurt when you wash them.  And last but not least, take it during warmer months rather than the winter months because the cold, dry weather will cause your skin to suffer even more. 


Good luck. 


ps. I forgot to mention that the worst scarring I have is after being on accutane.  If I managed to pop the cyst and drain it, depending on how big it was a slight scar was noticed and most of those have mostly vanished in the the last 20 years but while I was on accutane, all the cystic acne in my cheeks dried up causing my skin to cave in.  Yes, it did clear up that annoying, painful problem on my cheeks but it left me with those really deep pocket like scars that are impossible to remedy and impossible to cover up

pss. I forgot all about Vitamin E.  I break the gel capsules and squeeze the vitamin E out, it reminded me of the Christian Dior moisturizing bead things I use to buy at the mall at 10x the price. Of course, the Christian Dior product smelled better and had other moisturizers which made it feel silky and soft, unlike how the Vitamin e that  feels sticky but for the price it works well. Be sure to keep your hair up because it is especially sticky in hair.