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Has Anyone Done Short-Term (6Months) Low-Dose Accutane?

09 May 2014 - 01:27 PM

Hi guys, 


I am fed up with acne and having to use so many products to keep my skin decent. I feel like I am a slave to my very intense skincare, supplement, and diet regimen. I'm moving internationally and plan on doing a lot of traveling and really don't want to spend an hour or more a day on my skin. As you know, acne is shattering when you're trying to just live your life and have fun. My acne is pretty well controlled by my insane regimen of prescription topicals (AM: cerave, prescription sulfer, aczone, bb cream pm: cerave with clarisonic, sulfer wash, wait half-hour, atralin, supplements, wash all my makeup brushes, using a clean washcloth to dry and pillowcase every night) but i still get some pretty bad cysts, about one-two a month recently, and they just make me miserable. If i weren't doing all that stuff i'd be a cystic wreck, as years of Yaz have completely, and i believe permanently, thrown my hormones out of whack. I dont eat dairy, minimize sugar, and have determined that gluten is not an aggravating factor. I dream of a life when i'm not constantly worrying about my skin--and I'm willing to take the risk of accutane to be free from that worry. kind of.


Has anyone tried a low dose of accutane for 4-12 months with success? I'm scared of the side effects given how much yaz affected my health. I'm not looking to take it indefinitely like some people on here do, just 10-20mg for 4-12 months. I have heard this is more popular outside the US and can result in permanent clearance based on some studies I found, but I'm looking for real life experiences on here. What side effects did you encounter? did you achieve long-term remission? Thanks so much in advance! 


For reference, I am 25 and weigh 112.

Getting Prescription Products In Ireland

23 April 2014 - 06:59 PM

Hi all! 


I am moving to Ireland from the US in a few months and am terrified that I won't be able to get the products I've found that work for me. I was wondering if someone in Ireland could tell me if you have the same brands of products there? some, like atralin, have a pretty generic main ingredient (trentonin) but are in a base that is less irritating for sensitive skin, while others (aczone) are only available in one name-brand product as far as I can tell. 


I currently use:


CeraVe hydrating cleanser (or Cetaphil...i'm sure I can find one or the other there, otc)

Sodium Sulfacetamide and Sulfur Cleanser (prescription, generic of Rosanil wash)

Aczone (dapsone topical)

Neutrogena oil-free moisture, sensitive skin (otc)

Atralin gel (trentonin .05)


I'm most stressed about the Atralin and the Aczone. Atralin becuase it was that specific brand formulation that worked for me (rather than the generic trentonin)  and aczone because it is a new product introduced in 2008 and the main ingredient isn't available as a generic at all as far as i can tell. 


Any knowledge appreciated!


Or, if you are American and moved abroad, were you able to get large supplies of prescriptions to take with you?


Thank you!!!