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Tretinoin Users: Any Advice Is Needed!

02 August 2013 - 09:57 PM

Sooo I'm looking for a little insight here, and if you've used Tretinoin gel you can probably help me...


I have mild acne. I've been breaking out this summer for the first time in years around my T-zone with little pink/nude papules and pustules. Nothing crazy, but my derm prescribed me Tretinoin .025 gel nonetheless. At first I was excited because I heard it was an effective long-term treatment, but once I read about all the people who had to go through weeks--sometimes months--of severe "purging" to achieve clear skin, I got nervous. I've been reading some serious horror stories on this site. I want clear skin of course, but do I want to exacerbate the problem and cause brand new acne for possibly 3 months to get there? HELL NO! 


Ok ok ok. I guess my question is: if I have mild acne, should I not even continue to use this product? Will it really cause me crazy red cystic acne for weeks? Or is that only happening to people who have bad acne to begin with?


Thank you in advance for reading and responding, please put this anxious mind to resteusa_pray.gif

Help Is It Worth Me Continuin Tretinoin?

02 August 2013 - 09:39 PM

Hello all cool.png 


So here's my problem: I have very mild acne (if it can even be called acne). AKA I've been having these little papules/pustules on my forehead/T zone for the past few months. They come and they go and aren't TOO noticable but they're definitely there.  I want my clear skin back, so my derm prescribed me Tretinoin .025 Gel. Cool.


I've been using it every other night for a week and so far all it's done is make my skin dry/red/irritated. I've read everywhere here that there's a "purging" phase of Tretinoin and that after weeks--sometimes months--of intense breakouts and flaking, your skin clears right up. Which I guess is worth it, if you've got bad acne. I've also read that the IB can be mild for some people. Aaaaand I've heard that some peoples' skin adapts to it immediately and looks amazing.



IM SO CONFLICTED: should I just not be using Tretinoin if my acne is super mild? I'd rather not cause huge massive terrible red acne for 3 MONTHS before clearing up. I don't want to make an OK situation worse. And I'm scared it will give my cystic acne like all the pictures I've seen!!!!!





....help pleaseeusa_pray.gif eusa_pray.gif eusa_pray.gif eusa_pray.gif eusa_pray.gif eusa_pray.gif

Tretinoin Gel...does It Work For Very Mild Acne?

30 July 2013 - 08:44 AM



I have mild acne that JUST popped up months ago (I'm 20 and have always had clear skin, what a bummer).


My main problem: tiny nude/pink colored comedone bumps on my forehead. They mainly form near my hairline. There's a lot of them but like I said, they're skin-colored. I also have some annoying pink bumps (also small) that form on my cheeks.




My derm prescribed the generic Tretinoin gel .025% and PanOxyl 10% cream wash. I've read all about Tretinoin from users on here and it sounds like some people get TERRIBLE initial breakouts--and some get no breakout. Likewise, some get the breakout a few days within using the product, others get it for MONTHS after starting the Tretinoin and have to wait MONTHS to see any results!


Does anyone have any idea why that happens? Like, if my acne is mild/barely mild, am I going to break out like CRAZY with huge cystic zits? How do I tell how long this is going to last? My derm said nothing about breaking out but since my face isn't bad to begin with, I don't want to make it worse--for ANY period of time.


(I've been using it for 4 days, I put it on every other night. I've noticed some dryness and a little more breaking out than usual but it looks like it disappears after I put the Tretinoin gel on it!)

How To Tell When It's An Allergic Reaction Vs. A Breakout?

30 July 2013 - 08:36 AM

I have a problem NO dermatologist has been able to help me with...so I'm hoping someone on here will be able to share my experience and lend some help! :)


I've had clear skin all through my teens; nothing more than a few tiny clogged pores. I'm 20 now and my skin is acting VERY strange. It started in May/March with these little raised pink bumps on my chest/back/forehead. They'd ALWAYS itch and my doctor thought it might be Staph, so I went on Keflex. Which didn't really do much. However, shortly after stopping the Keflex my chest/back cleared right up. My face however kept getting worse. It's been nearly 3 months since I haven't had clear skin and my dermatologists cannot help me.


Sometimes I just think it's acne--I mean, my forehead is covered in tiny skin-colored comedones that flatten at night and flare up during the day. Other times, strange things happen and my gut tells me it's something ELSE. Like 2 weeks ago I stayed at a certain beach house in RI and whenever I stepped foot on the sand my face broke out in bright red HUGE bumps that I've never had in my life--and never had since leaving that beach! My derm tried telling me "it's just the sun", and "you must have gotten bitten by something" but he's wrong. I know it. I've gone to this beach all my life and been fine. A month prior to going to this RI beach, I was staying at a Sarasota beach place in FL and my skin was ABSOLUTELY FINE. I can't make sense of what happened back then, but the red bumps were SO bad I cried and thought I had developed cystic acne within hours. Luckily for me, as soon as I drove home from that beach house, it all disappeared. :/ :/


So now I'm just struggling with little annoying comedones on my forehead and pink bumps on my cheeks. It's nothing bad, I don't even think it qualifies as "mild acne". But it's not what I'm used to and I'm trying to fix it--my derm prescribed my PanOxyl 10% cream wash and Tretinoin Gel .025%. HAS ANYONE EXPERIENCED ANYTHING LIKE THIS?!?!??!?!?!??