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Diet Doesn't Seem To Affect My Acne Anymore?

08 September 2013 - 11:31 AM

I'm 17 and have had hormonal acne since I was 12. My skin has cleared up remarkably during the summer, and now I have virtually not a single spot on my face other than a couple of small hyperpigmentation/red marks left over from earlier acne. When I wash my face, it feels flat and smooth. This is the first time since I started combating acne that my skin has improved significantly on its own! I've been following a strict diet for the past few months: I cut out dairy, processed foods, white rice/bread, junk foods, etc. and lived on brown rice,  veggies, occasional fish, fruits, and water. This is definitely one of the main factors contributing to the improvement of my skin.


I also realized: my skin seems to have gotten more immune to junk food!! For example, I "cheated" and had cake for breakfast for a whole week during the summer but didn't get a single breakout. I bought a can of Pringles the other day, finished half the can, and woke up the next day without a single new whitehead. I also had frozen pizza twice in the past two weeks and didn't see any changes in my skin! I've also started to eat boxed cereal for breakfast again. I'm thrilled! Does this mean I can slowly start to add foods I love back into my diet? I'm still going to eat lots of veggies, but it would feel good to know I can still enjoy some pizza/snacks once in a while. Any help is appreciated! 

My Skin Just Won't Clear Up?

30 July 2013 - 02:26 AM

Hi all, this is my first post wavey.gif I turn 17 next month and first started getting acne when I was 12. Back then my acne was relatively severe, and due to my young age I had no idea to how to treat them. The severity of my condition lessened around age 14, when I mainly battled with comedonal acne. I would still breakout badly one from time to time and finally tried Accutane. It worked wonders! My skin COMPLETELY cleared, and even my stubborn blackheads were gone without a trace. However, my mom made me stop taking them after a year because of the adverse affects. Now I know Accutane does not cure acne from the root because as soon as I stopped taking it, my acne slowly came back mad.gif 


My mom then told me about how acne relates to lifestyle and how I had to cut back on some of the foods that were a regular part of my diet. I thought that was the most ridiculous thing, but she was like "alright if you wanna clear up your acne you can't keep this up" and banned me from eating foods that would aggravate acne. My acne significantly improved, and I started breaking out a lot less.


Since then, I have become extremely health conscious and take precautions before doing anything harmful to my skin. It's really hard for me, especially in a time when fast food is readily available and when my friends can eat as much of anything as they wish and not get a single spot (which infuriates me, haha). The problem is my skin just won't clear up?!? Obviously it's gotten loads better, but my nose is still littered with blackheads, and my forehead and cheeks still get those annoying whiteheads and small zits. My extremely oily skin is the main cause of my acne. I drink 8-10 glasses of water every day and stay away from dairy, desserts, white rice/bread, fried/greasy foods, seafood, and hormone-laden red meat (I went through trial and error to find out that these foods DO break me out). I wash my face morning and night with a foaming cleanser and change my pillowcase regularly. I live on brown rice, veggies, fruits, soy products, eggs, and occasional fish or chicken.. I feel so self-conscious when someone comes close to me and can see my face in detail sad.png So why does my stubborn skin refuse to clear up? Any help is appreciated!