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The Regimen Diaries > Video Update, Guys.

Posted 06 September 2013

Hello acne.org friends!
I am so sorry (assuming anyone  here was waiting for a follow-up) that I haven't posted in fo'evs!
As I mentioned in my previous (what was that, a thousand years ago?) post, I was moving, starting classes, working, etc.
Anywho. I made a video yesterday about my 'acne story' and I will provide the link below. It incl...

The Regimen Diaries > The Regimen; Day 24-26

Posted 18 August 2013

     I am in the process of moving and I'll be uploading a video about my progress on the regimen as soon as chaos become relatively non-existant. I'm eight days away from starting fall term and I think my skin is adjusted to the full amount of bp by now (no, I don't feel as calm as that sentence would have you think). I am getting cle...

The Regimen Diaries > The Regimen; Day 22-23

Posted 15 August 2013

     I just ordered some jojoba oil and AHA, so that's  happening. In other news, I've been using the full amount of benzyol peroxide for about a week now and lemme tell you- The improvement is evident. I swear to Zeus I only have one almost-gone pimple. Okay, this may be tmi for some of you, but it is of relative importance to note th...

The Regimen Diaries > The Regimen; Day 17-21

Posted 13 August 2013

     My internet has been a butt lately, but thankfully my university library isn't far. Today, the focus of my update will be all of the rule's I've totally not followed on DKR plus some things I've noticed since starting the full amount of bp. Okay, so I went into this thinking that I would follow every rule and never deviate from Da...

The Regimen Diaries > The Regimen; Day 15-16

Posted 08 August 2013

     Since last I wrote, I let you guys know that I started using about half a finger's length more of benzyol peroxide than usual, so I am using 3/4 of the ideal amount, which would be two finger's length. *I guess I was never really precise in describing what "a finger's length actually means", so here goes. I ordered the 8oz treatme...