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In Topic: Stop Picking Buddy

01 September 2013 - 08:05 AM

day 6... my skin is red... mite be becoz i was just washing without moisturising...

In Topic: What And How? Help!

29 August 2013 - 01:51 AM

3 months sounds a long time.. pimple usually has a white head o black head.... 

In Topic: Stop Picking Buddy

29 August 2013 - 01:48 AM

day 3... n i din pic.... just washed my face wit cetaphil today mornin... anybody dr followin this

In Topic: Water Fast For Scars And Acne

28 August 2013 - 09:22 AM




Iconzz many People have fasted for 40 days

ohh they still alive?? if yes i doubt if they really fast........ 
Sorry but did you even bother researching or you just came up with your own theory?
Im so fed up with these kind of statements.
I would accept your opinion of it being dangerous IF ONLY you ALREADY bothered researching and reading about it. And i mean BOTH THE GOOD and the BAD.

You are correct when you said that fasting will be dangerous if your body runs out of fat. But that IS NOT FASTING anymore... It is called starving. That's when the body starts eating your own organs for energy but that is like a very very very verry very very veryvery very RARE case because before that happens, the body send signals of INTENSE hunger which then gives you the sign to break the fast as soon as possible. AND STaRVATION only happens way past one month for the majority of people unless you're malnourished and Have less than 10% fat on your body. That's why it is very important to research!
Ofc there are also other risks.
Like low pottasium. It can be deadly.

That's why doctors dont recommend fasting for more than 7 days without supervision so that they can monitor your pottasium levels and blood pressure.

i need not to research.. m a doctor .. i hav knowledge n common sense too... so dont let ppl believe som non-sense stuffs coz wen it coms to acne all are so damn frustrated that we are ready to do anythin..... i think its the same wit u.. just think k... read about these stuffs hope u get som idea.. BMR, SOURCE OF ENERGY FOR YOUR BRAIN, ...... 

u meant water fast r8?? i mean just drink water nothing other than that....?? very very very dangerous..... fast but not like this.. comon intermittent fasting is good ...or just have a healthy diet....

Umm... I got lots of information from doctorS as well regarding water fast. 

That shows that not all doctors are the same and that just because a person is a doctor doesn't mean she or he knows everything.

As i said, the body reserves energy.
How do you think our ancestors lived when they coudn't find food? especially in the winter?
Or prisoners of wars?

I AGREE with you that it can be dangerous when the body runs out of fuel to convert to energy. But not because we lose energy, but because it USES the ORGANS to get fuel. Again, like i stated above, this is unlikely to happen if you're gonna water fast less than a month.

ur wish do watever u want... n i never told i kno everything.... just kno the risks n carry on.... do eat wen u feel giddy o somthin lik dat n keep a choc o som high energy food.. wen u feel uneasy u mit need it... wish u  good luck:)

In Topic: Dieting Can Cause One To Scar

28 August 2013 - 08:53 AM

what is your diet like.. does it lack proteins and vit c, e and a... vit c d most imp... scarring is due to collagen deficiency which is of protein n vitc n  few process like glycosilation, hydrxylation which needs glucose water n few minerals act as catalyst for these reactions.. so probably yes... scarring can occur if ur diet lack these nutrients....so eat well just avoid lik anythin diff from natural lik fries, white flour stuffs(dont kno wats the prop wrd) ,processed foods  n ol... rest its fine unless u r allergic to them......