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In Topic: It Started As A Fear Of Acne Scarring... Now I'm Scared It's A Warni...

16 September 2013 - 01:30 AM

God does not punish us. God is not "warning" you by giving you acne in any way.

In Topic: Acne Is Winning...

16 September 2013 - 01:29 AM

Pray, medications and creams are limited. Jesus is limitless 

In Topic: 19 Year Old Beginning Accutane

30 August 2013 - 12:36 PM

People get to scared to easily about the "side affects" dont think about em and nothing will happen. Been on for a month and only thing thats annoying me is it kind of turns your skin a hint of red and dryness. But in a year looking back we will all be glad we did it.

In Topic: Hyperpigmentations Or Acne Scars?

26 August 2013 - 01:22 PM


In Topic: Hyperpigmentations Or Acne Scars?

25 August 2013 - 09:55 PM

Well I guess I will have to wait a few months, as Aha or other creams and accutane are not going to mix well.


Anyone know if cleansers or any types of soaps affect hyperpigmentations?