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My Accutane Journey (Female, 20)

22 July 2013 - 08:03 AM

Hey everyone :)


I have  just started roaccutane 40mg and i am going to share my experience with acne.org as a way to vent my frustrations on acne and hopefully  support others with acne too. People sometimes see it as just a couple of spots and you will grow out of it, but at the age of twenty i am a bit fed up of waiting. It really does affect every part of your life, there is days it can get you really down and it most certainly affects your confidence. 


 A little bit about myself is i am twenty years old and have suffered with acne for about seven years. It hasn't been consistently severe i would say its fluctuated between severe and mild acne.  I have tried numerous different things the main ones which helped were Erthromycin and Tetracycline but they were only short term as you eventually grow immunity to antibiotics. I finally got referred to the dermatologist (nhs) about a few months ago and i am now on roaccutane . I did initially have doubts about Roaccutane like most people due to the media horror stories but after speaking to several friends who had been on it without any major problems i decided to take the risk.


I am currently on day three of my treatment so far my skin has really flared up. This  could be because of the Roaccutane or also because i was on a course of steroids before i went on Roaccutane so the anti-inflammatory properties of that have now worn off. I am hoping they may put me back on them though as my face is really inflamed and is very painful (i'm having to take paracetamol for it, something which i rarely take). They dryness on my lips has already begin which i expected so stocked up on numerous different lipbalms also. 


I was wondering if anyone else had an intial breakout so soon? Was the first month the most difficult? Due to not  seeing any signs of improvement. 


Thanks :)