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A Real Difference Maker Possibly

16 March 2015 - 04:42 AM

Something other than accutane which targets the source and it might be out in a year! http://dermira.com/pipeline/drm01/

Okay..where Is The Cure?

05 January 2014 - 05:50 AM

Its 2014. Everything has reached a standstill. Nothing seems to work. I was on a rosacea forum and half of them are in despair that a product which had been worked on for 7 years that promised to change the lives of sufferers has ended up being a massive dissapointment because of the rebound flush side effect which has affected all of the users. Mirvaso made by galderma denies this as they say less than 1% in there clinical studies had this. BULLcrap. Of course they ignore the countless of customers and do a world wide launch and now more and more people are going to suffer.


This leads me to acne


acne is caused not by bacteria, not by Abnormal skin shedding, BUT by enlarged overreactive sebaceous glands. How can any Prof in dermatology go to work knowing that all that needs to be done is to DESTROY these glands and an entire disease will be removed.



Diet i feel plays a small role but a bigger role in genetics. This means variables in health and mind over the past generations will have an effect on determining your skin. However what you do now wont really help you so much but more so your children should you have any.


Its stil Retin A..Its still accutane..its still FING BP


Who here is actualy making a difference? no one..all people are doing is beating around the bush and doctors are laughing and enjoying the cash cow and doing as much as possible to prolong this disease.


stop buying products.



Enough Is Enough Is Enough

22 July 2013 - 06:00 AM

Hello people,


Im 30. I had mild acne for the best part of 16 years. There were times where i was clear and had good albeit slightly more sensitive skin then normal but i could tan well and it became unnoticeable. I developed a staph infection a few years ago which left me with obvious red and indented scarring. I did treatments galore. fractional co2's prp ..home needling and chemical peels. Changed my diet. You name it i did it. I finaly got my skin to something normal after 3 years( not lovely or anything but not a negative double take kind of scenario). I then got 1 freakish cyst near my right nasal-fold. Left 1 big indented scar. I did something called endymedpro 3rd. Good news? scar went. Bad news? for 2 years i cant go 5 days without my skin in that particular area sxpolding with whiteheads and weird lesions under my skin ( sometimes it appears to be sebaceous hyperplasia) the endymed pro caused this as my face never breaks out anywhere but here now. It never was this bad even during my teenage years. I did accutane for a bit and it worked but as i stopped ( not a fan of what it does to the liver) 2 months later..bam whiteheads and clogged pores in this one area. NOTHING else works. I've spent close to 50 thousand pounds on my skin. I'm still dealing with this crap. My diet and supplementation is of the highest quality organic foods. I exercise and do all the things you are meant to do. My skin was never naturally like this.


Here is my vent. I'm tired of the medical community and I'm in truth tired of skincare products. I feel we as acne sufferers are so desperate we just churn out money and the more money we churn out the less of an incentive there is to find a fucking cure. 

I refuse to believe that if it was a matter of life and death that if it were a time-limit of 2 months the cure wouldnt be here. I'm sorry I dont see BP or retin A as cures. I dont care for these holistic remedies. I dont care for finding the perfect balance somehwere in the www of skincare to work for a few months. Ive spent enough money on this. 


What i dont like is that we come on here, offering advice about products when all we are doing is giving this industry more of a reason to be satisfied with whats available.


If we want a cure, we need to stop buying stuff and going to an authority body. As a unit. Money = cure. rather then spend 100 dollars on products how about we all..every single member on this forum donate 100 dollars for a cure. Maybe write a letter. I feel..everyone comes on here for help, and we are missing the point. I refuse to believe that if we came together for a true purpose, that we couldnt do something. Science has been promising ''cures'' from the 1930's ( check google news archives).


Lets be clear here. Dermatologists and people selling skincare are not your friends. After going to 50 and buying a ferraris worth of skincare products/treatments ( taking into account air fairs)..i  will no longer buy products.


I suggest if all of you want to see a cure, stop falling for inadequate treatments. Tired of going to work with this blob of red on my skin. I live in turkey and with the hot weather it makes it worse also.