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In Topic: Scarless Healing

14 June 2015 - 07:40 AM

this will still be the case in 2025.

In Topic: Scarless Healing

14 June 2015 - 06:28 AM

This is the most depressing thread in acne.org history

we are decades away from something being available to the public

there isn't even a cure for acne let alone scarring..

please..save yourself the dross

In Topic: Take Part In Study On Effectiveness Of Online Acne Support Groups

06 June 2015 - 05:53 AM

I'm going to vent here.

We don't need study groups.

we don't need topicals that just take a $ out of our wallet and don't work for the most part after a while

We don't need surverys

We don't need more ''me too'' products

We don't need modified versions of the same old crap

We need something that permanently destroys or shrinks oil glands

We don't need anti bacteria

We don't need retinoids to increase skin turnover

we have NO hope because Dr's and Pharmecuticles only care about 1 thing

and that is repeat customers who are desperate and uneducated

they say prevention is better than cure. i disagree. prevention is good for doctors as it means more re-fills more laser treatments and so forth.

A cure would destroy an industry..people would lose jobs and products would be redundant.

Including the acne.org regiem

its 2015..and there is NOTHING..it might as well be 1984.

This is the reality. Sorry I'm not in the mood for another study which beats around the bush.

I'm 31 and I've seen this song OVER and OVER again. Get your wallets out medical industry and stop asking questions and get your greedy asses out and find one iota of honesty and kindness in trying to find a cure over protecting and growing a cash cow that does nothing but cause pain and suffering and a heavy debt for those in need.

In Topic: Scarless Healing

06 April 2015 - 04:35 AM

This thread has been the epitome of huff and puff and no stuff

In Topic: A Real Difference Maker Possibly

17 March 2015 - 12:48 AM

Can I point out that this is the mechanism of action of Vitamin B5. This has been studied and proven effective and safe, but is not well known outside of Hong Kong and asia where the studies were originally published.

With all due respect i feel this is far more substantial. I did the b5 route many years ago. This is a topical which is the first of its kind to change sebum production without the need to go on accutane or overdose on b5 . The latter of which is mediocre results wise