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#3368813 Waxing While On The Regimen

Posted by TheFearlessFace on 24 July 2013 - 03:09 PM

Ask your esthetician to use hard (stripless) wax. It is much gentler on the skin. Or you can ask her to apply a very thin layer of oil before applying soft (strip) wax. This can prevent the wax from adhering if too much is used, but a very small amount will allow the wax to pick up the hairs while providing a skin barrier to prevent irritation.

#3368686 Recommendations For Face Masks

Posted by TheFearlessFace on 24 July 2013 - 01:10 AM

I agree with the above posts, raw honey is an amazing facial mask. I get manuka honey and add some essential oils to it- lavender, carrot seed oil, and geranium are all great for the skin. I also add a little clove essential oil as that is a natural antiseptic. Use minimal amounts of essential oils though! Good luck.

#3368656 Enema!

Posted by TheFearlessFace on 23 July 2013 - 10:32 PM

I have done various juice fasts and one including enemas. What I've found is that people look to a fast or detox as sort of a "quick fix" that can yield instant results. I never experienced results like this. In fact, I usually gave up on most fasts by day three because I did not see immediate results and I lost interest in it. I do think fasts or detoxes have a place and are useful. But I think for skin health and improvement an overall lifestyle change is necessary. You need to be willing to implement healthy diet changes that will be ongoing. That's how I've seen the most results. Best of luck!

#3368405 Looking At Your Skin Really Close

Posted by TheFearlessFace on 22 July 2013 - 11:55 PM

I do it too but I've gotten a lot better. It's totally psychological- it's not about the skin at all. I used to pick a lot and I had to look at why I was doing it. Because I wanted great skin, and I saw each clogged pore as an obstacle getting in my way of that achievement. So if I got it out, I would have clear skin, right? Wrong. Of course it makes it worse. So much of the acne I've experienced in my life has been self inflicted. If I go camping or am in a situation where I can't pick or squeeze, my skin improves greatly. You've got to love and accept yourself as you are, including all the little imperfections and flaws that you may see. Nobody is perfect.


Dimly lit bathrooms help too. :)

#3368120 Questions: Redness, Body Acne, Hyper Pigmentation, New Routine, General Advic...

Posted by TheFearlessFace on 21 July 2013 - 11:41 PM

Please do not use vaseline- it's a manmade, petroleum based product that will sit on top of your skin. It contains virtually no vitamins, minerals, or anything of value. You're much better off sticking with the jojoba oil. I would also limit your use of the clarisonic- once a week is plenty. If you're already using BP daily you are just stripping the heck out of your skin, and it's just going to produce more oil because it's trying to return to a balanced state. If anything, you're better off doing less to your skin and letting it be.


For lightening you can use products containing vitamin c, lactic or glycolic acid. You could do an at home mask with yogurt (plain organic) and a few drops of lemon juice.


Add TONS of fresh fruit and veggies to your diet. Drink lots of water when you wake up. Eat healthy proteins like organic eggs, chicken and fish. NO refined foods like white flour or sugar- these will wreak havok on your skin. Limit your dairy intake or avoid it if you can. Make green smoothies with fruit, spinach or kale. Add probiotics to your diet. And don't stress too much! You're a beautiful girl, you're young, and this will pass. It's not forever so don't let it get you down.

#3368084 I Feel Like An Ugly Monster

Posted by TheFearlessFace on 21 July 2013 - 07:32 PM

Oh, sweet dear! Let's just stop at the first sentence. You are a pretty girl. I've been there, with bad skin, and I know how it feels. And I used to let it ruin my mood and my days. Please don't let it! Your thoughts truly create your reality. If you believe it, that's what it is. Find something you enjoy doing and that makes you happy. Get outside, exercise is great. Anything to take your mind off your skin. I know it's hard, but try to have a bit of an "I don't care" attitude. The less you think about it and worry, the less stress you will have, and the better your skin will become! Do not worry! You will be fine.