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Posted by plebs on 18 July 2013 - 05:52 AM

Do you think I'm allergic to the stuff or could this be normal?

Hey Exister, this sounds like a definite auto-immune reaction (allergic). I reccomend you don't use it again as with most allergic reactions, they will be worse for each time you react; by the way the aloe vera doesn't kill bacteria it's merely a moisturizer.


On topic of this thread I would like to say that the OP makes some interesting assumptions and correlations. On the subject of diary products there are in fact studies that link the consumption of diary products to acne (link1link2, and link3 for reference.) Also note that there are four main known causes of acne, namely:


1.  Genetics (link for reference)


2. Psychological (AKA. stress: link1, and link2 for reference)


3. Infectious Acne (a contagious bacteria) (https://en.wikipedia...bacterium_acnes)


4. Diet (although there is least evidence of this cause) (link1, link2, and link3 for reference)


Now, knowing this we can then safely assume that OP's theory about tea being able to help everyone is obviously just not true unless it's some miracle tea proven in a proper case study. I appreciate tips and tricks just as much as the next guy, I'l give OP credit for taking time to do a little research before coming up with this, but he obviously didn't think of the bigger picture (that being that acne is not just caused by a bad diet). I encourage anyone thinking that diet is affecting their acne to try this out, otherwise try and find out what is causing your acne and treat it accordingly by doing some proper research.