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18 July 2013 - 12:37 PM

I have had acne on my upper cheeks and sides of my forehead for years just like you have here. I dealt with this for many years until I finally grew old enough to take myself to the doc to see what's up. I tried all the big name products. Proactive, clean and clear, etc. but my doctor told me those were mostly for cleaning your skin so acne would go away but then he asked have I ever though about infections in my acne instead of it just being dirty skin turning into acne. Well pretty much I was put on Tretinoin Cream. It is a prescribed cream for acne. This I was on for literally maybe 2 weeks and my skin had become almost flawlessly smooth. Maybe one or two bumps but incredibly smooth. The red marks were still a little visible but it was just the skin. It did not hurt or anything. The only problem is that my skin still had one pimple. This pimple I had on my nose for so long maybe 2-3 months , I then went to my doc and was prescribed a much stronger cream/gel called Veltin. This along with antibiotics to kill the infection and the gel took care of the rest once it's gone it's stays gone trust me. This cream can be almost $350 if you don't have insurance so I recommend if you don't got insurance stick to the basics but if you want your acne gone in a week or less Go with Veltin, it can be very expensive but well worth it. Look it up you should find nothing but great reviews. Hope this helps :)