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In Topic: Moisturizer On Oily Skin?

19 July 2013 - 11:22 PM

nicmac62 is right.
Moisturizer only helps oily skin if your skin produces more oil because of the products you use to wash your face.
But if you don't use products that strip the oil from your face that makes it dry then moisturizer won't help oily skin. (But personally I would still use it)
The more harsher the products, the more your skin will become dry which causes it to produce more oil :(
Even if you don't use harsh stuff on your face i'd still moisturize at night at least :P cause it helps prevent wrinkles!!
Since you use Differin, I would moisturizer morning and night though. It dries out your skin.
PS: Milk of Magnesium helps for oily skin, it's weird but it works.