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Starting Accutane 14-Year-Old Boy

04 August 2013 - 04:58 PM

Hi everyone,


After much thought and discussion we have started Accutane for our 14-year-old son.  He took his first dose today (40 mg).  I am wondering if we should have asked the doctor to start him at 20 mg to avoid some of the initial side effects like breaking out and dryness.  Does anyone have experience taking the lower dose at first or just staying on a lower dose for a longer period of time?  With school starting in 2 weeks, I'm so worried he will go back looking worse than he does right now (which is pretty bad).  He realizes he may have to face some worsening of his acne before it gets better but the first of the year is hard for everyone.  


I had some great responses to my last post when we were deciding whether or not to do this but any new comments are more than welcome.  What side effects have you had?  How did you manage them?