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In Topic: Saw The Derm Today And (Long Post)

09 November 2013 - 09:17 PM

If you're serious about the rosacea, there are two main rosacea forums you can look into.


The Rosacea Forum

The Rosacea Support Community


The first one is UK-based, so if you're in Canada you may find more helpful info on that one, at least for products and doctors and such. Your health care systems seem similar.


I'm disappointed that they put hydrocortisone in your compound. 


Hydrocortisone is to rosacea what strong antibiotics are to acne.


It may help in the short-term, but almost always has really bad long term effects. 

Thanks for the link to the rosacea group. It seems very informative.

I've heard about hydrocortisone and of course it concerns me.

I've spoken to a doctor and a pharmacist about this and they said it's a 'baby' amount and for short term, it shouldn't be a problem.

I'm aware of the long term effects and I'll be speaking to my gp about this as well.

In Topic: Saw The Derm Today And (Long Post)

09 November 2013 - 03:58 PM

I took Oracea before spironolactone, and it may have reduced the erythema (redness) a little bit, but it didn't help with the acne / papules / pustules component.


The whole point of Oracea is that 40mg is just below antimicrobial activity (50mg+). So it is an antibiotic at such a low dose that it just slightly reduces inflammation without killing bacteria. I know a lot of people who take it for rosacea, but typically it is people with just the redness, not papulopustular rosacea. 


I did the whole rosacea gamut, avoiding triggers, using calming botanicals on my skin, using Oracea and Metrogel, and it didn't really get me anywhere. My redness would only subside a tiny bit, and the acne didn't go away either.


I've kind of given up on the constant facial redness, since I've had multiple laser treatments that didn't improve it by much either. But I do use Mirvaso (which is a new cream that constricts the facial blood vessels) in the morning so I have a normal skin tone for at least part of the day. 


I hope this all works out for you, but he doesn't sound very informed about the hormonal component to skin AT ALL. 


I agree with Green Gables, perimenopausal women go through hormonal changes that can lead to/aggravate acne and your derm didn't give a s... about it. He could lower your dosage to see how you respond and then decide what is best for you. I hope your gp will be more helpful. My experience with doctors is that they never give you what you need. They always seem to prescribe things too weak or too heavy for my condition and they never listen to what my opinion is - which is not random cause i am a health professional as well. Anyway being less stressed has many benefits and you should definitely try it, no doubt it will help with acne as well.


Yeah, I know, that's what I thought. He didn't seem to pay much attention to the hormones and my age. Yeesh, you'd think these specialists would clue into this sort of thing. I've had to be my own doctor in all of this and it has been a tiring process and I'm grateful that the spiro has cleared up my acne.

Thanks Green Gables for your input on the Oracea.  I'll talk to my gp to get his take.


I picked up the compound this morning and the ingredients are:


azelaic acid (15%)
erythromycin base powder (3%)
hydrocortisone powder (1%)
unibase (no % for quantity)


Apparently the azelaic acid is supposed to help with redness and according to drug.com, it has a good rate of success. I'm supposed to use this compound twice a day, applying a thin layer. The pharmacist said to spot test it first to make sure my skin doesn't get irritated. As for continual use, I would need to see the derm again and he did say that ideally, I should go down to one application a day. He gave me one refill for the compound and the Oracea so I don't think he wants me to do this long-term.  I think the derm's whole point is to avoid rosacea triggers in order to prevent breakouts. Nice theory and I hope it works in practical reality.


I'll talk to my gp before filling out the Oracea rx and discuss going back on spiro if I need to but at a lower dose. At least the derm was okay with this option and I think it's because he was pleased with my blood test results. (all okay)


Fingers crossed this works for me. And yes, I do think stress is a factor for me. As mentioned in my original post, my skin cleared up quite a bit when I was on holidays last year as I was relaxed and didn't think about work or every day life. Something to consider for my overall health anyways.

Wish me luck!


He did say to take spiro if this doesn't work

In Topic: My Experience On Progesterone Cream

13 October 2013 - 04:48 PM

Thank you hearts! You've been a great help! If I have any important further questions can I pm you? I have a zit on my chin now, it may have turned nodule if not for the progesterone. I hope it continues to clear me and you! smile.png

I know I said that I was done posting in the rest of the forum but I wanted to say... good luck to you, brenmc! I wish you the best and I hope the combo of spiro and progesterone cream does the trick and gives you perfectly clear skin. (: I'm cheerin for ya!
<3 x

Thanks. I do plan to adjust my spiro once I see how the progesterone is working in the long term (few months rather than weeks).
It's a total bummer I have to ship it in. Maybe I should shake the tube, if you say the progesterone may shuffle during shipping?
I've read good reviews about Emerita.

Good luck! Keep us updated on your progress. When you are 2-3 months into it, I would suggest lowering your spiro dose  and checking your hormones to see if they are balanced.  
The downside to creams you order online is that the progesterone gets shuffled in shipping & handling and sometimes you might get more of it and other times less depending on how it's mixed. But it's your best bet since you can't get it elsewhere without a prescription in Canada, and I think you picked a good brand!

I will. I will status update weekly. But I will tell you, I have a zit on my chin that may have gone nodule if not for the new progesterone routine. The reason why I think this is because I was getting a ton of nodules not pimples on my chin a few weeks/months ago. As well, I don't have oily skin, so I don't get a ton (yes some) regular (not nodule) zits.

Thanks for making this post! PLEASE report back. I too have started breaking out while on Spiro and want to give this combination a shot.

There are no good derms in my town. Seriously. The only other is strictly cosmetic (laser procedures, botox, etc).

Good luck with this. Who knows, I might have to do this at some point and I'm curious to see how it works. Yeah, derms aren't always with it about hormonal stuff. 


You're Canadian? It seems to be the way of the medical system here nowadays. It's a long wait (3-4 months on average to see a derm where I live) unless it's cosmetic related, you're probably in the door much sooner because that's not covered by medical services.  It seems to be more about the $$ these days as opposed to a person's health. It's not just derms but the whole medical profession it seems. Good luck with this and do what feels right for you.

In Topic: My Experience On Progesterone Cream

12 October 2013 - 09:33 PM

Good luck with this. Who knows, I might have to do this at some point and I'm curious to see how it works. Yeah, derms aren't always with it about hormonal stuff. 

In Topic: Spiro Log

17 September 2013 - 07:54 PM

Day 135

So I am very sorry for not updating in such a long time. Truth is, I have been very depressed about my face, and I couldn't bear to put it into words. Right after my last post, things seemed to be going pretty well. But shortly after that, I began I notice very small pimples in certain areas in my face. It pretty much looked like a rash. It wasn't too bad, and I consistently used my tretinion, Atalin. Well the continued use of this gel made my face dry and tight, which added to my misery. I was only using a pea size. Last weekend, it got worse. Monday, September 9, was horrible. I called out of work because I could not face anyone. This was the first time I ever had to do this and it completely devastated me. I scheduled an appointment for that day. The doctor really didn't give me any answers. They basically wanted me in and out. My doctor office is VERY well known in my state, but has way too many patients. And I know my doctor doesn't think I am severe, so I feel like they don't want to waste any extra time. I mean she walked in, without even looking at me, she said do you just want to do accutane, you tried everything else. I said no. I asked for an increase of Spiro, and she said fine. So I am on 150 now. It's been a week on 150, and now my face looks better than it has in a long time. The bumps are going away. However, I can't say I am in the clear because my face is so unpredictable. But I can say right now I am very happy with it. Also, since my face got to irritated from the tretinion, atralin, I have not used it since last Saturday, September 7. And like I said I have seen a big improvement since then. Any advice about this? Or experience? I know if I call my doctor, they will tell to continue to use and it should help. But I rather hear from you! Thanks for reading!!

I think it's a good idea to hold off on using the tretinion and atralin. It sounds like they're causing irritation to your skin.  What helped me is using a very gentle skin care regime day and night, avoiding the use of Retin-A or any topical acne treatment.  Less is more here.  Use a good sunscreen to help any hyper pigmentation heal.  Is your doctor getting blood work done with the 150 mg/day?  If everything is okay with that and your doctor is okay with this dosage and your skin is clearing up, then it might be worth sticking with it.