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#3432723 New Research: Diet Does Affect Acne

Posted by bholber on 21 May 2014 - 02:38 PM

Hey guys,


I'm not sure if this was posted at all, but a recent article in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (a highly respected clinical research publication) explained that diet does indeed affect acne.


While this may not be of new to many readers, it is one of the first times a major publication had a major article expressing the connection. This means two things:


  • More and more dermatologists will be discussing diet with their patients, hopefully improving outcomes
  • With this new insight will shed light to drug makers on the cause of acne, hopefully making more effective medications

What do you need to know from the results?


  • Substitute foods with a high glycemic index (white bread, crackers, snack food) for foods with a low glycemic index (fruits, vegetables)
  • Avoid refined carbohydrates whenever possible (sugary beverages, high fructose corn syrup, etc.)


Here's the link to the article.


Reply with any questions!

#3370159 Huge Red Bump

Posted by bholber on 29 July 2013 - 08:31 PM

Hey bentlloyd,


I'd definitely agree with issacNeedsHelp about it being a cystic or nodular lesion. These can have an annoyingly long healing cycle. Essentially what a nodule/cyst is is when the infection in the pore grows large enough that it ruptures the bottom of the follicle, letting white blood cells, plasma and other immuno-response mechanisms rush into your pore. Good news is this is your body fighting the pimple; bad news is that this causes major inflammation and redness (not to mention a soreness underneath the pimple). At this point the rupture is still open, and inflammation is still occurring as your skin heals itself. When the rupture heals itself, the WBC's will kill the infection pretty quickly.


Where does the accutane come into play? Your getting less acne elsewhere because the isotretinoin is regulating the oil production in your pores. This is super beneficial as excess oil lets the bacteria in the infection multiply easier. But for this one nodule, decreased oil isn't the only thing your skin needs. It also needs to heal the ruptured follicle, which can take a decent amount of time. Your skin will continue to shed, which will push the lesion to the surface and mend the rupture under it.


The best thing you can do is leave it alone. I wouldn't recommend putting anything on it, unless you're sure it won't further irritate it. Make sure you don't touch or pick at it, this will just keep that rupture...ruptured. The redness is just hyper-pigmentation from your acne beforehand. This should subdue to normal over the next 6-12 months.


The moisturizer is a great call, keep applying it (avoiding the nodule/cyst). Once you're done with accutane, I see a lot of people here who begin a benzoyl peroxide regimen after isotretinoin. I'd definitely ask the doctor who prescribed you the accutane what he/she thinks is best. 


Hope that was informative. Looking at your pictures it looks like you don't have too much "active acne" left, so congrats on that...I'm sure that's an improvement.  Good luck getting clear!

#3368406 Questions: Redness, Body Acne, Hyper Pigmentation, New Routine, General Advic...

Posted by bholber on 22 July 2013 - 11:58 PM

Hi there DreamOfSerene,


I know you've tried a lot of options, but there is something out there to clear your skin, you just need to find it. I think it's worth mentioning that effectively treating your acne means doing the best you can to consistently apply your treatment. It's also harsh on your skin to keep on changing products and medications, so if you can pick one routine and stick to it for 6-10 weeks to see if it's working, that's best. 


From reading your post, you have 3 main issues:

  1. Facial redness
  2. Facial acne
  3. Body acne and scarring

It sounds like you have relatively sensitive skin, from your response to the Epiduo and the redness you explain. My first thought is to bail on the clarasonic to get rid of the redness. From my experience and talking to others, those are bad news for acne. They cause a ton of irritation, specifically in the places you need as little as possible. Use your fingertips instead like Dan recommends. And be gentle...you don't need to scrub or rub BPO in. Your skin is a sponge so let it soak up the treatment. 


Since you have facial and body acne, it could be hormonally induced. I'm not sure if you're on birth control, but it may help. 


Regarding dryness, make sure to apply the jojoba oil after you apply the BPO. Mixing the Olay SPF with 4-6 drops of jojoba and then applying it can be very helpful as well.


Regarding prescription medication for your acne, Epiduo could in fact be beneficial if your derm won't prescribe accutane. I understand it irritates your skin, but try applying it every other night, or every third night. Your skin needs time to adjust to the medication, so be patient. Also, make sure you're only applying a pea-sized amount. More medication does not mean it'll be more effective or work faster. 


It's also worth mentioning that facial and body acne can be a case for accutane, especially with scarring. Be honest with your derm: what you've tried and the research you've done. You may in fact be a good candidate for accutane so play the cards you were dealt and see what happens.


Good luck with getting clear!


P.S. totally agree with TheFearlessFace to avoid vaseline. 

#3368246 Are there any online dermatologist that do prescriptions?

Posted by bholber on 22 July 2013 - 12:43 PM

Thanks 13yoA!


At this point I'm 24 and my acne, for whatever reason, has chilled out. When I was in HS and college I had consistent mild acne with an occasional massive flare up (coincidently around finals...). At that time, I used BPO and changed some of my habits to clear up (changed pillow cases, meditated, stopped touching my face, etc.). Nowadays, I use a salicylic acid cleanser in the morning and CeraVe's gentle foaming cleanser before bed, and it keeps my skin in pretty good shape.


I hope that clears things up for you. 

#3365911 Are there any online dermatologist that do prescriptions?

Posted by bholber on 12 July 2013 - 04:26 PM

Hello there,


I just saw this post and thought I should inform you all that in some states, diagnosing and treating acne online is completely legal. For example, California passed the Telehealth Advancement Act of 2012, which allows a doctor to treat a patient without an initial in-person office visit, just as long as the condition can be effectively treated online. Acne is a perfect example of a condition that can be safely and effectively treated through pictures as the doctor can diagnose it visually.


YoDerm is new service (available in California only) that does just that. It connect acne sufferers with board-certified dermatologists entirely online. You submit your consultation and within 48 hours the doctors gets back to you with a personalized treatment plan and a prescription is waiting at your local pharmacy.


Disclosure: I am a co-founder and employee of YoDerm. The team here struggled with acne ourselves and that's why we started this service!