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#3396861 Do-Nothing-At-All Regimen

Posted by cavemaner on 24 November 2013 - 07:13 PM

Day 143


I thought I'd revisit this thread to update on how my skin has been doing.. and other things that may help your journey while doing the Caveman Regimen.  My skin looks better than it has in years now, but I've definitely had some bumps since my last posting.  Here's what I've learned from those bumps.  


Number one: Don't put anything on your face before you sleep.  What does this mean?  Your face is dry, maybe from washing it with water or shaving, don't put cream on it before bed.  The cream will spread across your face as you twist and turn during the night, onto your pillow, and then back onto your face.  The cream will clog your pores and give you bad acne.  I've learned my lesson from this, after wondering for a week why my acne had flared up so much at one point.  I was using small amounts of cream at night!


Number two: Washing your face with water twice a day is A-OKAY (once in the morning, once at night).  Water will help get rid of that gross dead skin and oil on your face, just make sure to scrub your hands with soap before putting your hands on your face (keeps all those nasty things you touch during the day away from your face).


Number three: Stop touching your face!  Dude, seriously... that's gotta stop.


Number four: Don't give up.  It'll work for you, if you can learn one thing at all from my diary is that I was very discouraged in the beginning and became more encourage as time progressed.  Stick to it and you'll see the results you want to see!


And that's about it for now... good luck guys.

#3381442 Do-Nothing-At-All Regimen

Posted by cavemaner on 08 September 2013 - 09:16 PM

Day 65


My skin... is cured.  I won't be having to use these forums anymore or anything of the sort, so this is my final post here.  Hopefully this thread helps someone who is interested in this method!


I don't get anymore acne.  I don't need to use products and I don't need to wash my face anymore.  I don't stare in the mirror for hours a day wishing I had better skin, and now I just pass by mirrors quickly to make sure food isn't stuck in my teeth.  This regimen cured my skin, and I 100% believe it can help many others if they just give it a shot.  I don't think I ever would have given it a shot if I didn't read and watch other people's reviews of it, so I really hope this pushes someone to give it a shot.


My skin isn't perfect, it's not pretty and whenever I scrape a fingernail across the surface of my forehead when I'm sweaty, I get lots of gunky dead skin underneath my nail (I know, sounds freakin' gross).  But I prefer this 100x over what I used to have, which was more pimples than I could count using my fingers, and feeling embarrassed to leave the house sometimes.  And sometimes feeling like people were staring at my acne.


My only acne I get now is because of when my face touches my girlfriend's face (who uses a lot of products, and chemicals/retinoids for her acne).  Now I'm doing everything I can to respect her feelings but at the same time, avoid contact with her face on my face.  


To everyone fighting the long battle- I feel for you more than anything.  I know how terrible it feels, but I promise, it gets better!  Don't give up!  Thanks for letting me rant, bye everyone. :)

#3372772 Do-Nothing-At-All Regimen

Posted by cavemaner on 07 August 2013 - 10:35 PM

Day 35


At the risk of sounding slightly conceited, I have to say this. I'M IN LOVE WITH MY FACE!  God, it just feels so good to have better skin. It's not perfect, but it's getting there.  There's still so much scarring from when I used to have bad acne left over, but my skin is in healing and reparation mode now.  My whiteheads are so much less visible and smaller and fewer than they were at the start of this regimen.  At this rate, by month 2, my acne should be pretty much done with (save for the odd pimple or two a week).  


Please, if you're reading this thread and haven't tried it already- TRY IT!  Your dermatologists don't want you trying it because then they wouldn't have a job!  If you wear makeup and are a little hesitant- I understand, trust me, and probably wouldn't recommend it for you.  But if you're someone like me who doesn't wear makeup and need to put products on their face, go for it!  Try it for just 2 months!  You'll be pretty surprised with the results.


I'll continue updating, just wanted to pop my less-acne-ridden face in!

#3369699 Do-Nothing-At-All Regimen

Posted by cavemaner on 27 July 2013 - 07:18 PM



I'm already on day 22 of the caveman regimen (no washing, no products, no nothing on your face) and I thought I should make a thread exclusively for my updates.  I've already made a few updates here and there so you won't be in the dark in my beginning stages. 


To preface a little about myself:

I'm a 21-year-old male, I've had persistent acne for the past almost 2 years, and everything I've been trying has not gotten perfect results.  My last routine was using salisylic acid (Biore face cleanser) while taking Doryx (doxycycline) every day.  I had been taking Doryx for the past 7 months, and since it's an antiobiotic, I have not been happy having to take it for such a long period.  My acne was getting better, but it wasn't getting good.  My skin would still pop up with new acne almost every 2 days, and the scars were healing very poorly.  I have extremely, EXTREMELY oily skin (well, oily forehead and sides of face, but dry cheeks and lower half of face) and I was feeling discouraged because I was not getting the results I wanted.


I came across the Caveman regimen on a blog by thelovevitamin and it made me think about my skin and when I used to not have acne.  Until I was 19 years old, I had almost no acne, and I would never wash my face with any products.  I would get the occasional pimple, but I would never be concerned over it because it was only 1 and would go away relatively fast.  I remember as soon as I got my first breakout at 19, I went to my sisters who immediately suggested I try all these different skin-care routines, and from there, I've always been doing something to my face twice a day.  I have been hearing a lot of good things (as well as bad, but the raving reviews I heard kept me interested) and decided to try it out for myself.  The plan is to continue this regimen for 2 months and move on if it doesn't work.  Hoping for the best!

Day 1


My skin is very oily and I'm very grossed out.  I have one big pimple developing where I was scratching and touching.  Everything else is pretty standard, of the norm acne for me.  Have a headache (unrelated) and feel pretty gross from all my oily skin on my face.



Day 3


I'm starting to notice flakes now.  Well, they're either dry skin or the hardened oil I have sticking out of my skin sometimes (if that makes any sense).  My skin feels very oily and gross, and unbearably itchy.  I have to constantly pat my face with my shirt because my face feels so itchy at times.  I've been developing a lot of whiteheads, fortunately none of which are turning red or painful.  Water has only touched the bottom half of my face (when I brush or shave my teeth).  Showering was difficult because water would keep running down my forehead from my hair (after shampooing as well), I'm trying to do full-on paleo without anything touching my face but that looks to be impossible.



Day 4


I think the caveman regimen just isn't for my skin type.  My forehead is so oily and greasy and shiny and SO itchy and disgusting.  I feel embarrassed to go outside.  I've gotten tons of whiteheads in the past 4 days that weren't there before, and some of my acne is turning red and painful now.  My cheeks are drying up and having the dry flaky skin that I've heard so much about online; however, I'm a dark-skinned person, and dry flaky skin is VERY noticeable on me.  I'm hating this regimen right now and it's taking all my strength not to give up and pour salicylic acid all over my face.



Day 7


I'm on day 7 currently, and I'm having very bizarre results, and not sure what I make of the regimen so far.  I'm getting tons of new whiteheads- however, the ones that turn into pimples heal up very quickly and leave hardly a scar (whereas with my old products, I would usually scar pretty badly and they'd take much longer to heal). Also, none of my pimples are turning red or painful, which is really great for me, since when I was using products, I was developing a new red pimple head at least every week.  I'd take whiteheads over red, painful pimples any day.


My nose and cheeks are flaking like crazy, which I guess I kinda expected since those parts are usually drier.  But it's pretty noticeable to me, which sucks.  I'm very grateful that I'm hardly in the public eye right now, and only outside to do small errands (like grocery shopping).  I would be much more insecure about this regimen if it were during the school year.


Face is still oily, but not as oily as it was the first few days when I felt very uncomfortable.  I feel like I'm either getting used to it, or my skin is producing less oil, or a mixture of the two.  My face is also itchy, but not as itchy as it was the first few days as well.


I'm only using water on my face when I need to shave (the lower half of my face doesn't really get acne, so I didn't have any misgivings about using shaving cream either, but I'm assuming a true caveman would go without shaving as well).


Day 10


So I am now on day 10 of the caveman regimen... and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results.  I'm looking at my face this morning, and parts of my forehead and skin remind me of the youthful smooth skin I had back when I didn't use ANY facial products.  


A few things: from inspecting my skin up close, you would most likely say my skin has gotten worse since doing the caveman regimen.  The reason you might say this is because I have gotten a lot more small bumpy whiteheads in my forehead, that can be more noticeable than say, the big red pimples I used to get on the sides of my face.  However, I know there has been dramatic improvement because of the following

  1. My scars are fading away, and new pimples aren't leaving any scars hardly at all.
  2. My oiliness that I was complaining about earlier in this thread has almost entirely gone away and I don't feel gross anymore
  3. The pimples that do form last very shortly and do not turn red or painful, just big whiteheads that disappear after about 2 days.  (Vast improvement from the big red painful pimples I had that would last 5 days).
  4. The big red pimples I used to get on the sides of my face (near my eyes and eyebrows) have almost vanished, and only faint bumpiness appears there now.
  5. My skin doesn't feel overly dry or oily like it used to.  My skin has naturally maintained a balance between the two.
  6. Additional, minor improvement: my skin isn't nearly as sensitive when in the sunlight.

The regimen definitely isn't perfect, and isn't a dream come true.  I'm still forming whiteheads, I'm still having pimples, and in the beginning stages of this regimen, I was scared to go outside in public (I highly recommend when/if you start this regimen, you start it when you know you'll have very minimal contact with other people, if you're a self-conscious person like I am).  At some parts of the regimen, even as recently as 3 days ago, I wanted nothing more to do than just go on the Regimen and glob some 2.5 Benzoyl peroxide on my face.  But I held strong, because I won't know for sure the success of this regimen if I don't hold out.


I'm still in the beginning stages of this regimen, and won't see fully-formed results probably by month 2.  I'll keep popping in here to give updates, no matter how bad or how good my skin looks.

Day 22


And now... day 22.  My skin is looking really great, and I feel great about myself. Again, let me say, it's not perfect.  There's a lot of whiteheads still popping up, some red pimples every now and then, and flaky skin, but as opposed to before when I used products?  I feel so much better about myself.


My skin has reached somewhat of an equilibrium in terms of oiliness, and now my skin no longer feels oily or dry at all like it used to at the beginning of this regimen or when I used products.  My skin heals pimples over so well, and my skin is no longer sensitive to the sunlight like it used to be.  My scars are healing up unlike before, and I have hardly any dry flaky skin like I used to.


I wholly 100% recommend this regimen to anyone who may find it worth it (for example, people who aren't using makeup don't have much to lose besides 2 months of your time by trying this regimen).  Our skin is designed to repair itself, and cannot do its job when we keep attacking it with chemicals.


I will continue this log for the rest of the 2 months, and will keep updating whether it gets better or worse.

#3366891 Why Masterbaiting Causes Acne?

Posted by cavemaner on 16 July 2013 - 02:34 PM

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Please refer to this video, especially the part where he says "SLOW DOWN."




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