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29 December 2013 - 03:51 AM

Hey Cavemaner and Paul,


Good on to you both for getting results that you have been after. Cavemaner, may i ask, during the those days between your post of the 65th day and day 143, what was the consistent state of your skin?






Great question, I noticed in that period while my skin continued to get better overall, I still had acne popping up, and some times more than usual.  This, of course, led to lots of experimentation.

  1. No cream on your body, no cream on your face, and no chapstick/lip balm before bedtime.  Contributed hugely to me getting acne during this period, and took me a while before I realized why I was getting acne flare-ups still.  As I said before, it will get in your pillow and it will give you acne.
  2. Stress.  You're always going to get stress-acne, no matter what your regimen is.  Keep your body healthy and mind stress-free.
  3. Nightly cold sweats.  At one point, because of the stress I was going through, I had extreme trouble falling sleep.  I began taking sleeping pills and sometimes I would stay awake after having taken the pills, which led to me getting cold sweats.  This cold sweat induced acne for me, and it's interesting to note a lot of my acne during this period came from during my sleep.  Which brings us to a summation point.
  4. Sleep.  Sleep is a beautiful thing, and it rejuvenates your body in so many ways.  We need good sleep for healthy skin.  While fantastic, it's also very troublesome; we can't control what we do when we sleep.  This means we can't control our hand that touches our face and spreads oils, stop our body from turning and sleeping with our face in the pillow, etc.  Which is why we have to combat any foreseen issues that can arise with specific solutions, such as putting towels over our pillows at night, trying to become used to sleeping in supine, etc.

Hope that helps!  But to answer during that period, my skin reduced greatly in scars, blemishes are disappearing, MUCH less pimples are appearing, and my skin is looking great in hi-def photos now.  I'm on day 178 now- my skin isn't perfect, but it's a hell lot better than it used to be.  This regimen will not be for everyone- it wasn't for my girlfriend- but I recommend everyone give it a shot if they have the courage to do so.  I'm so so so glad I came across the caveman method over half a year ago.  That's why I made this thread, to give those people reading this the same opportunity I had.  That's enough from me for now, Happy New Years everybody!!  Stay safe, and I'll be back with an update post soon.  I still need to experiment with diet. grinwink.gif 

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20 December 2013 - 12:54 AM



Love reading your detailed diary here, and I'm really glad you're getting some good results.  Keep it up, really informative for people who are looking into this regimen.

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25 November 2013 - 07:58 AM

God damn some of you people are dense... correlation does not equal causation and there is NO proof that not masturbating prevents acne.  You're all doing this for no reason at all.

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24 November 2013 - 07:13 PM

Day 143


I thought I'd revisit this thread to update on how my skin has been doing.. and other things that may help your journey while doing the Caveman Regimen.  My skin looks better than it has in years now, but I've definitely had some bumps since my last posting.  Here's what I've learned from those bumps.  


Number one: Don't put anything on your face before you sleep.  What does this mean?  Your face is dry, maybe from washing it with water or shaving, don't put cream on it before bed.  The cream will spread across your face as you twist and turn during the night, onto your pillow, and then back onto your face.  The cream will clog your pores and give you bad acne.  I've learned my lesson from this, after wondering for a week why my acne had flared up so much at one point.  I was using small amounts of cream at night!


Number two: Washing your face with water twice a day is A-OKAY (once in the morning, once at night).  Water will help get rid of that gross dead skin and oil on your face, just make sure to scrub your hands with soap before putting your hands on your face (keeps all those nasty things you touch during the day away from your face).


Number three: Stop touching your face!  Dude, seriously... that's gotta stop.


Number four: Don't give up.  It'll work for you, if you can learn one thing at all from my diary is that I was very discouraged in the beginning and became more encourage as time progressed.  Stick to it and you'll see the results you want to see!


And that's about it for now... good luck guys.

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08 September 2013 - 09:16 PM

Day 65


My skin... is cured.  I won't be having to use these forums anymore or anything of the sort, so this is my final post here.  Hopefully this thread helps someone who is interested in this method!


I don't get anymore acne.  I don't need to use products and I don't need to wash my face anymore.  I don't stare in the mirror for hours a day wishing I had better skin, and now I just pass by mirrors quickly to make sure food isn't stuck in my teeth.  This regimen cured my skin, and I 100% believe it can help many others if they just give it a shot.  I don't think I ever would have given it a shot if I didn't read and watch other people's reviews of it, so I really hope this pushes someone to give it a shot.


My skin isn't perfect, it's not pretty and whenever I scrape a fingernail across the surface of my forehead when I'm sweaty, I get lots of gunky dead skin underneath my nail (I know, sounds freakin' gross).  But I prefer this 100x over what I used to have, which was more pimples than I could count using my fingers, and feeling embarrassed to leave the house sometimes.  And sometimes feeling like people were staring at my acne.


My only acne I get now is because of when my face touches my girlfriend's face (who uses a lot of products, and chemicals/retinoids for her acne).  Now I'm doing everything I can to respect her feelings but at the same time, avoid contact with her face on my face.  


To everyone fighting the long battle- I feel for you more than anything.  I know how terrible it feels, but I promise, it gets better!  Don't give up!  Thanks for letting me rant, bye everyone. :)