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07 July 2013 - 12:30 PM

Hiya, I'm sort of Paleo/Clean eating, and my breakfast today for example was


Two sunny side up eggs (runny, YUM :)), a cut up avocado and a sprinkling of goats cheese (I do no dairy, but my Dad was visitng and bought some goats cheese, I hate wasting food), a cut up tomato.

Some days I's add a rice waffle. (not very paleo, but clean:))


I'm never hungry in the morning and have gone for years with my FIRST FOOD OF THE DAY around 4pm-8pm - crazy, I know. So I force myself to have some breakfast and I find that eggs and veggies is actually a pleasant one :) Plus, you can pair it with a green smoothie, no problem.


Hope this helps.


Just a quick note, because you asked as well: for a snack/lunch I usually (usually means when I have classes at the uni) have an apple and a handful of pecans or soaked almonds, and for dinner I LOVE a huge salad (not dieting, I'm a curvy girl and am not loosing weight, but love a great salad) - salads have a nice, low glycemic index,which is good for fighting acne and they're super filling without being carb-loaded like pasta or bread. A typical salad: mixed greens/quarter of iceberg lettuce, one chicken boob (grilled or panfried with no oil), a glug of olive/red palm oil, herbs (fresh basil/mint). A really good addition to keep you full are BEANS! And beans (like red kidney or edamame + mint = heaven.)


So. Hope this helps.

I'm not one for being hungry or eating lettuce with no nothing on it, but like to keep it clean and as healthy as my cravings allow:)


PS If you don't tend to cook, beware of store bought salad dressings, loads of hidden sugar!