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In Topic: Acne Between My Inner Thighs

06 July 2013 - 08:38 PM

I have had this problem for as long as I can remember...it seems to get worse during the summer days..i went to an infectious disease specialist...not to say that this condition is an infectious disease....but she stated that my body was colonized by staphylococcus bacterium and that I needed to decolonize...she informed me to buy a over the counter antiseptic cleanser named HIBICLENS I am to bath my entire body with it twice daily and also she prescribed an antibaciterial cream bactroban which I am to apply twice daily to the affected area being my thighs...I am starting this out today so I will let everyone know of the results I am desperate at this point....having thigh acne is so discouraging...I am ashamed to engage In sexually encounters due to it ......I have been told people don't care....but I know that is a lie cause I care...its ugly and I pray to God this treatment works



of course she informed me also to only wear breathable cotton clothing...I am not to shave and or was since this introduces more bacteria in the pores and also creates in grown hairs and irritates the skin causing it to become inflamed...as an alternative to shaving she said consider getting laser her removal or  use a dissolving agent such as nair or veet to get rid of the hairs.....and after I have decolonized for 2- 3 months with the hibiclens and bactroban cream I am to only use antiseptic and antimicrobial soaps such as dial and carboic or detol soap